Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flowers Galore!

I had a great time with my grandkids, but it was a whirlwind and I was very tired for quite a few days following.  I only took one picture… this was the day we headed out to see Papa at his worksite and they got to ride on the quad.  Always a fun event…


The rodent situation continues.  Last week when the grandkids were here we discovered  three mice in a 5 gallon bucket in the sunroom.  One was dead but the other two were alive.  I can’t imagine how they got in the bucket, why they got in the bucket (it was empty and clean) and how long they had been there but I think it was a while.  We took them up the road and released them in the bush.  Grandson carried the bucket and said they were so cute and he wished he could keep them.  Confused smile  Then this week there was a drowned squirrel in one of the rain collecting barrels.  Thankfully hubby came home this weekend and dealt with it as I wasn’t going near it.

The wild flowers are coming out fast and furious now.  These are wild strawberries.


And beautiful wild roses….


I have some sewn flowers to show as well.  Smile  I received two sets of second round hexies from Christine in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap and here they are sewn on to their flowers…Pretty huh?


I also made a postcard birthday greeting last weekend for a certain little girl (DGD in Nfld) and hopefully she has received it by now…


And I received this lovely postcard from Brandy in the Maple Leaf postcard swap.  Ingenious how she used the wool to cover the joins in the fabric. 


Here it is posing with some flowers in my sun room.  (no mice in the photo)Smile with tongue out


That’s all I have to show this week.  I hope to get more sewing done in the next few days though as Tuesday is a holiday from work for Canada Day. Smile 

How are you doing with your rodents… er, I mean your sewing?



  1. It looks like the grandkids were having fun! We have not had any rodent problems lately! I hope things calm down in that area for you. Love the hexie flowers and the postcards! I always planned to pick some wild strawberries and make jam!

  2. The Granndies always love riding on the quad. Ours are wools enough to ride around the block themselves.
    Lots of pretty flowers both real and fabric.

  3. pretty wildflowers.. love those postcards they look great and your hexie flowers look beautiful.
    Hope the rodent problem settles down.

  4. Beautiful wild flowers and great sewing too.

  5. very pretty scenery that you show and love your hexies too - we have stuffed steel wool into every tiny little crack we can find in this old house of ours or fix if we can and have had no rodents for years. For a long time we had outside cats that took care of the problem as we had several females and they were not fixed - strays - they took care of mice, now we have no cats anymore at all so surprised to not see any mice anywhere - they are gone - hope for good.

  6. Love those flowers - it's no wonder you want to sew flowers! Great postcards!

  7. I would rather deal with the flowers .. sewn and planted .. rather than any kind of rodent!!

  8. I'm glad you were able to enjoy a ger-away. I believe you were TIRED since you only took that one photo. You always have so many to show us. The flowers you posted are lovely, the real ones as well as your hexie flowers.

  9. Is that the little guy you made the quilt for? My, but he is getting big!
    Every morning I sweep up mice poop on my front walk. I wish the feral cats would earn the right to hand out under the stairs!

  10. Love the flowers and the postcards, hope the rodents move out soon!

  11. That balloon card is very cute and fun.

  12. I love the card you made for your grand-daughter! What a fantastic idea!