Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A last post from Australia

We leave tomorrow to go to Dangar Island.  I am spending today tying up loose ends, one of which was having a closer look at koalas.  There is a woman in Uralla who belongs to an organization called WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue and Education Service) who keeps animals at her home and lets people come and see them.  She had 7 koalas and 22 wallabys, plus a goat – found as a newborn feral goat – and numerous birds.  Some of the birds are her own that she keeps for pets.  Of the koalas she said she will release four but the other three she won’t, one as it is too domesticated and the other two as they are blind.  The wallabys are all to be released but they are difficult to catch so she has to wait until the parks people can help her and she will give them a bit of sleeping potion on their food.  The goat will eventually go to live somewhere with other goats. 

IMG_7620  Bonnie

IMG_7623 A joey

IMG_7625 Bonnie and I making friends


Wally – he is fully blind and likes to sit on the ground because of that.

IMG_7629 Matilda

My hubby had his first experience of texting yesterday.  He was in the car with our nephew, who was driving, when the nephew’s phone rang for a text coming in.  With detailed instruction from our nephew my hubby was able to read the text to him, which came from a female friend.  The instruction for responding did not get through as well.  Hubby was supposed to say ok and was told to push the m three times for o.  Instead he pushed the m three times and got mmm which he promptly sent off.  He then tried to correct his error but sent a second text which was blank.  At this point my nephew pulled over and sent the ok text.  Moments later there was a phone call from the perplexed young woman who received “mmm”, blank, “ok” and hubby had to explain that he is text – and almost totally cell phone – illiterate.

A few more shots from Armidale.  My niece, who has been home for a few days, hoeing the garden beds


The chooks


Beau, the border collie puppy


and a shot that my sister got of the dolphin in Port MacQuarie




  1. looks like you have made some new cuddly friends.
    enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey home.

  2. sad the holiday is coming to an end x hope you got to do MOST of what you wanted x I am also hopeless with text messaging so your husband has my sympathy x keep safe on your way home x

  3. I've so enjoyed hearing about your trip. It sounds like you're having a lovely time. Safe travels.

  4. Janet I am pleased you have enjoyed your Aussie experience...
    you went to many beautiful places and meet many local creatures and furry friends...
    Safe travels home..

  5. What a wonderful lady, and we have shared, thanks to you, some of her furry pals. love that goat so much. Your man, sorry but I had to laugh at the messages. He'll get it right one day. Enjoy the last of your down under days. Cheers, Jean.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun going on down there. Love the Koalas, have always wondered if they are as soft as they look?