Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, September 16, 2012

photo an hour

Well I’m super slow getting this post up.  These pictures are from Wednesday, August 29th!   I’ve had a couple of busy weeks…

7:30 a.m. leaving for work.  Fresh snow on the mountains and lots of low cloud but it is promising to be a beautiful day…


8:30 a.m. arriving at work in Whitehorse.  The sky is showing even more promise here…


9:30 a.m. at the coffee shop getting some tea and toast.  The sky is more glorious by the hour…


10:30 a.m.  Lots of paperwork on my desk today…


11:30 a.m. Off to a doctor’s appointment just a short three block walk from my office.  There are lots of buildings with murals in Whitehorse.  This building is an old school which now houses some alternate high school programs – the MAD (music, art, drama) and the outdoor education programs.


12:30 p.m.  It is such a beautiful day out that I am taking all the walks I can.  Had a few errands to run at lunch, including a stop at my LQS…


1:30 p.m. Here’s what I picked up at the LQS, some light oranges as I am really short of these tones for my colours quilt, and a cold drink from Tim Horton’s – mango and peach.  It was delish…


2:30 p.m.  Honestly!  I have got some work done today.  If I take a picture of my desk from this angle it looks so much less cluttered…


3:30 p.m. I’m outside again.  Can’t help myself – it’s so nice out that I decided to leave work a bit early.  This is the school that my grandkids attend (yup DGS is in kindergarten this year).  It is just a few blocks from my workplace.


4:30 p.m. Finally on my way home after getting all my errands done.  This is the Yukon River that I drive by on my way out of town…


5:30 p.m.  My favourite mountain greets me as I drive home…


6:30 p.m. A visit from a neighbour and his cute pup…


7:30 p.m.  DH and the dog are home from work.  Zeke and I are off for a walk…


I must have been in bed early because that is the last of my pictures!



  1. What a great day, and yes, you have snow already, I see some in Fairbanks as well.Love the colours in the fabrics, they will shine with creams and paler greens. Cheers from Jean.

  2. I really enjoy these posts because we get to know you, your life and your surroundings more and more.

  3. Mt Fuji got its first dusting of snow this week but Tokyo is still a sauna. I wonder if I could keep track of time that well.

  4. You are so lucky to have this lovely scenery on your way to work. All I have is normal city scape stuff, shops, traffic, factories, glum

  5. What beautiful views on your way to work...

  6. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  7. I agree about the beautiful scenery on your way to and from work... alll I had were city streets and city traffic on my to and from work and if it wasnt city traffic it was interstate traffic... now I get to see a tiny bit of nature from my sewing room... mostly birds, occasionally a chipmunk and lots of squirrels... but at least it is not city traffic

  8. Interesting photos Janet , wow snow in those mountains , sure looks cold .

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  10. Love your photos Janet! What a gorgeous place to live, even if the winters are a bit unforgiving. Soo beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)