Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Report ??

I have been so busy the last while that I am sure I haven’t posted for forever… and I’m a couple of days late with my FNSI report.  The weather has been glorious here; the best it has been all summer.


Work is crazy busy, the garden wants to be harvested, I have been watching my grandkids a bit with sil being away and dd working night shifts at the hospital.  Today I:

- made chicken soup

- put on a 5 lb crockpot of sauerkraut to do its thing

- canned 11 litres of maple syrup which came in a big jug.  Canning will help keep it from growing mould

- did laundry, three rounds of dishes, tons of paperwork – paying bills and the like, walked the dog, picked some herbs from my greenhouse and took them to a neighbour, visited with two friends this morning

- and then went to a house concert this evening with another friend.  Two women playing and singing sweet Appalachian style bluegrass and folk music. 

I am playing catch-up with sewing obligations.  For FNSI I made the 2 sets of blocks for the 6 inch block swap that I owed for August.  Both of my partners asked for “mixed blocks”, one in pinks, beige and maroon” and the other in “any colours”.  So I made them both the same two blocks.  I think they are all kind of cool.



I had already received my blocks from my partners…. these pretty ones from Kerry in Australia…


And these lovelies from Lorraine in New Zealand.  I have no idea what kind of bird is on the card.  If anyone else knows, please tell me…


I also received some other goodies this week.  The lovely Maria offered to send me some postage stamp blocks and this package full of fun and flirty blocks arrived…along with a card with more birds I don’t know the names of…


And my friend Ida and I did a swap for some postage stamp blocks and I got more fun and flirty numbers from her…


And two giveaway wins this week… Elaine sent me four fat quarters of grunge fabric in colours I would probably never think to buy.  I love them!


And Frances sent me this cross stitch pillow kit, with the pattern stamped fabric and all the thread.  This will be a great take-along when hubby and I go travelling next month. 


There was a deer grazing in the yard yesterday and a bear came through today, but I got no decent photos.  I’m off to a quilt retreat with my friend Dahn on Wednesday evening – the retreat is from Thursday to Sunday. Tuesday night I’ll be staying in Whitehorse with my grandchildren.  So that means I have to get packed and ready to go tomorrow…. YIKES!



  1. Oh my goodness! You've been a very busy girl! :) Great blocks! The recipients will be pleased I'm sure. The lake is beautiful. I would love to know where it is if you can share that info.
    Have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a fun week ahead, Janet! And a bear, how exciting! Your blocks are gorgeous, great FNSI! And that is a lot of fun mail! :)

  3. Lovely blocks Janet and you have had some fun mail...
    The bird is a pukeko..... - I saw them when I visited New Z a couple of years ago....

    Beautiful lake picture....

  4. lovely blocks, both colourways are beautiful.
    Beautiful pic.
    Hope you have a great time at the retreat! Hope you will show some snaps.

  5. WOW! STOP... breath in deeply... hold... let out slowly... REPEAT!! You wore me out just listing it all! lol x take care x

  6. Yes you have been a very busy lady and you deserve your retreat! Love the 6 inch blocks....especially the ones made with the diagonal strips.....what a serene lake photo....loved swapping PS charms with you.......enjoy your traveling!

  7. WOW!!!! sew many packages coming and going....
    Nice blocks you stitched...
    The birds on my card are a Magpie and Pink and Grey Galah...

  8. wow , you sure know how to pack a lot in one day , great blocks you made and also received and lots of other yummy mail. Enjoy your retreat!!

  9. Are you ready for the retreat?? As usual, I am excited and can barely wait! :-)

  10. My, my, you have certainly been busy! Lots of interesting activities -- canning maple syrup has to be unique! Of course, we don't have maple trees for syrup in Australia -- we have the imitation stuff or the real deal from Canada!