Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Report

I so wanted to work on one of my quilts last night, but I have to get caught up on my swap items before they all come due.  So I made blocks for the Christmas Block Swap, the Adventure Block Swap and the 15 minute Scrap Bee Block.

The Christmas block is for Fiona.  I copied this pattern from a quilt someone was making at the retreat I was at a couple of weeks ago.  I love it!  Silly me, I didn’t write down who the designer of the pattern is Sad smile.


The Adventure block is for Kathy.  She asked for something made from local fabric and with either orange or yellow in some part of it.  I’m sure that somewhere in this big country of Canada there is someone who is making fabric, but I’ve never seen any of it.  Does cotton even grow here????  I made a block that represents the north and I used some fabric that I dyed.  It’s sort of Canadian made….


For the 15 Minute Scrap Bee it is Chris’s month.  (If Chris has a blog I’m not aware what it is.)  She asked for nine patch blocks with made fabric in one colour way.  I chose green for the made fabric.  And I’ve got a little bit of leftover fabric to send to Chris as well.


I had already completed my hexie flowers for October for Debra.  She wanted modern – I think these qualify….


Now I just have three swap items to finish before the end of the month: a Christmas mug rug, a small item – probably a pincushion – to go in the Scrappy swap, and a scissors keeper.  I’m still looking for inspiration for that one – Oh help!

The other day on my way to town I saw a bear and I tried to take a photo but it was a dismal flop.  My photo was of a blurry black shape.  My friend Heather Jones, professional photographer extraordinaire, saw the same bear and look at the fabulous shot she got!  

Yup we have had snow.  Although it has mostly melted it won’t be long until it stays for the winter….



  1. Love your blocks.. the sled dog one is great.. love the hexies too! I am in the middle of a full blown hexie addiciton. ;) The bear shot is amazing!

  2. Too cool!!! Check out that sledding block! :)

  3. what great blocks! Love the sled. The coloured fabrics around the block look lovely.
    How far was that bear from you? He looks huge.
    Your hexies look great. The pink swirl effect is wonderful.

  4. such a lot of blocks.. I love mine .. stunning bear picture - hard to believe already snow time for you...

  5. I love the Christmas tree block, and the sledge fabric is great. Not so sure I'd want to be so close to a bear, with or without snow, but the photo is wonderful.

  6. Wonderful blocks all! And my, what a big bear! Ours are so little compared to yours.

  7. What a busy gal! And with all that snow coming, you'll have even more time for quilting LOL! Great work! But did I miss something? I thought FNSI was next week (the 21st)??

  8. Beautiful blocks for some lucky people.. I love that bear photo.. so glad we don't have any though..

  9. Lovely blocks - I really like the one with the Christmas tree.