Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, October 10, 2011

And a happy Thanksgiving to all

Despite the business of these days we had to have a celebration today – for Thanksgiving and for DH’s birthday tomorrow.  The dinner menu was lake trout – caught last night, potatoes from the garden, yellow beans, asparagus and Brussels sprouts from the grocery store, homemade sauerkraut – a gift from our neighbour to whom DH took potatoes this morning, pickled beets – made by DD # 1, and a delicious chocolate cake with sliced strawberries for dessert.   All exceedingly yummy.  Here is DH with his one candle, the only one I could find in the house, and Dave, our guest from outside.


The GK were raucous as ever …


DGS with the same kind of underclothes as someone wearing a kilt might sport….

And DGD with her gaudy Halloween-ready makeup…


We managed to get our potatoes and carrots dug the other day.  We are almost ready for the winter that threatens us daily….


I need to show off some giveaway gifts I’ve received lately.  Firstly, from the lovely Sue at Quilt Times – I was so excited to win a copy of her book.  When I was at the retreat last weekend almost everyone in the room came over and took a look at the book (and asked if it was part of the present exchange – NO WAY).  It is fabulous!


I won this wonderful pattern from Michele.  The pattern was created by her friend Julie.  I can’t wait to try this one….


And I won this cute fat quarter from Barbara in her Fun Fact Friday Freebie. 


During Bag Lady Week at Kristie's blog, I won this wonderful pattern from Amy.

I made this bag for one of my partners in the Goodie Swap.  It makes a sweet little bag. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.  It is election day in the Yukon tomorrow and I’ll be working for about eighteen hours.  Exciting but tiring.



  1. Happy birthday to Himself and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  2. looks like you had a fun thanksgiving and birthday celebrations.
    WOW you sure have been lucky with winning lots of goodies.

  3. Happy Birthday to DH... the dinner sounds wonderful... and lovely wins for you... lovely to see the children.... and Happy Thanksgiving too...

  4. Happy Birthday to your DH and hope you had a great Thanksgiving. You certainly hit the jackpot with give-aways, didn't you?? Love that bag pattern.

  5. So much to be thankful for - fabulous food, friends, family - a birthday - and gifts! How fortunate!

  6. that sounds like a happy thansgiving! hope your elections go the way you want them to. i sat on my local election board for 25 years, most of which i had a mobile board that would go and sit in whichever precinct without its own board. occasionally i would sit on the counting board, too, when they were short.
    isn't it nice to win such things!

  7. your mailman has been busy!
    Lovely things to keep you busy. Interesting potato...
    that fabric can remind you of summer once your winter arrives..

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Great to have the family together and it looks like you cleaned up in the goodies department too.

  9. My goodness, you've been quite the lucky gal lately!