Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

I feel like I haven’t had any time to sew lately, so I was happy to hear it was Friday night sew in tonight.  And DH is gone away overnight, so I didn’t have any distractions.  I started sewing about four this afternoon; while watering my garden I did some hand stitching.  I am trying to follow Helen's Stitched Sunday embroidery lessons.  I was thinking while participating in the pin cushion round robin lately that I need to brush up on/ learn more embroidery stitches.  So this came at an opportune time.  I’m only on lesson 1 though and she’ll be posting lesson 4 this Sunday.  Oh well I am a Slow Poke quilter, and sewer.  I’m not posting a picture of lesson 1yet as it isn’t quite finished. 

I had to put the embroidery down and go to work on some blocks for my colours quilt.  I would so love to get it finished, and I am nearing the end.  I made three dark yellow blocks tonight.


Thirteen blocks left to make, unless I decide to make it one more row long. 

I got some great mail today, but I’m not going to show it now because it’s time for me to sleep.  Here are a few animal and scenery pics instead.

A bear, just leaving my yard….


A Richardson’s Ground Squirrel, more commonly referred to as a gopher… There are thousands of these cute little animals around here.  They are cute as long as they stay out of my garden Smile


This grass is called Horsetail grass.  It is silky smooth in one direction but hard and prickly the other way.  Dogs often try to eat it and end up in dire trouble… It is beautiful though….


A clown performing at the music festival I went to a couple of weekends ago….


Happy weekend!



  1. Love the stippy scrap quilt and the photos - WOW. I cant even begin to imagine how cool it would be to see a bear anywhere but in a zoo. I always love the nature photos you share on your blog.

  2. How fantastic to have a bear in the garden... just amazing..... and I was pleased to see a gopher.... the strippy quilt is looking great - I hope you enjoy the stitchy lessons.....

  3. Fabulous photos, I love seeing the pictures of your surroundings. You quilt is looking spectacular too.

  4. Your colours quilt is really great. And the photos of your area are so interesting. We never see things like that. We did once have a deer in the garden, and of course the usual squirrels, etc, but never a bear!

  5. That rainbow is just singing along. Thanks for sharing the critter pictures too.

  6. Wow! Your colors quilt is looking fantastic. Love the dark yellow added in. The horsetail grass is gorgeous.

  7. Hi!
    Did you have a date to finish that lovely quilt! I'm curious to see the finished top!
    Is that a grizzly in your picture?
    Take care, Leslie

  8. Your rainbow blocks are great. I love the strip piecing method. You can really get rid of.... I mean use up those scraps.
    I managed to make several blocks for the project I'm working on.... now to clean up my sewing area... LOL

  9. That colours quilt looks fantastic! Very effective. Love the photos too! A great FNSI!

  10. your quilt looks fantastic,gee that bear looks scary.