Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer sun and fun equals no sewing

Just a quick note since I never got anything written last weekend.  It was a long weekend here in the Yukon and the weather was glorious!  We spent two days out in the boat and the third on the beach.  My swimming buddy and I decided we’re going to try and bag as many bodies of water as we can this summer.  We’re up to eight lakes now, and we even did some in the nude.  Did you know that last Saturday was international skinny dipping day?  I didn’t either until someone informed me. The warmest lake we were in was 21degrees C; the coldest was 14 degrees C.  It was cold….brr!    

IMG_2082 IMG_7754 IMG_2074  

I spent several hours one morning on my daughter’s quilt.  I can’t show it yet because she’ll nag me about getting it finished.  I did however finish my last block for the blue work wall hanging I’ve been sewing for a couple of years now.

IMG_2085 Now I just have to sew them together….

We saw this fabulous bird down by the river.

 IMG_2057  IMG_2061   IMG_2059

After discussing it with our friends we’ve decided it’s a blue heron, but we want to check with our local bird guru who’s away on a canoe trip right now.  The only other blue heron I’ve seen was really blue.  This bird was brown.  Blue herons are not common in Yukon but there have been a few sightings. 

Well it’s has been raining for the last three days and promises more for this weekend.  It’s Friday Night Sew In and I’m off to sew!



  1. omg, skinny dipping...I haven't done that since I was 22, those were the days, lol! I really enjoy your pics that you post of your neighborhood. I would show mine, but what does multi days of 100+ heat look like...hmm, burnt toast! We get herons here on our pond. The little darlings eat snakes, gotta love that! Ours are mostly white, but we do get a few blue. Did you google the birds? Have a great weekend, Elaine

  2. Oh, man, I missed International Skinny Dipping day! They probably would have frowned on that at our city pool, anyway. I can just imagine how cold the water must be. I grew up in Maine, and our water was cold, but it must be so much colder where you are. I must admit, I have become a bit accustomed to the warmer waters down here in the South, and have become a bit of a prima donna when it comes to cold water. But oh, to swim with that majestic beauty around you! Wonderful!

  3. It looks like you all had a fab long weekend. Sans the skinny dipping, I also took the plunge in Fox Lake. It was cold!

    And the heron is very, very cool!