Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sidetracked! – And blocks to make for others

I have my grandkids visiting for four days.  Their parents have gone to San Francisco, joining their friends who got married in July on their honeymoon!  Don’t ask me!   They’re driving down and going to a music festival, then my DD#1 and SIL will come home and their friends will continue on.  DD and SIL are gone for 9 days.  We’re only babysitting for 4, then friends are taking over. 
My granddaughter always manages to sidetrack my sewing efforts.  She sees a piece of fabric that she likes, or a shape of fabric that inspires her and says “Grandma, can we make…..”  So yesterday I made this little doll quilt out of some flannel scraps I had around.  And my DGD made the little pillow!
IMG_2027 They’re reversible…IMG_2026
DGD used the iron to press all the flannel pieces flat.  She loves ironing!  And she squared up the pillow pieces with the rotary cutter – with my help.  She pressed the pedal while we sewed the pillow pieces together, then she stuffed it all by herself.  Yeah!  That’s probably my least favourite part.  I hand sewed the opening closed, although she did put in a couple of very wonky stitches.  Please notice the beautiful satin or sateen binding on the quilt.  It was one of the fabrics she picked out that she just had to have.  It sewed up beautifully.
IMG_2018  I think the doll is sleeping soundly under it.
On Saturday we went boating, had supper on the beach and DH picked up rocks.  He likes to look for pieces of chert that were worked by long ago people.  He has found some really nice pieces.  While he was doing that the kids and I climbed the hill.
IMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2017 Queen of the castle
I have made a few blocks lately for projects for people who are sick and in need of comforting.  Thought I’d share the links in case anyone else wants to help. 
This one is for Errick who has cancer.  I mailed a couple of blocks last week but forgot to take pictures.
This one is for 4 year old Rosemarie who also has cancer.  I don’t have these blocks made yet. 


  1. Thanks for your willingness to help out with Rosemarie's quilt! She's going to be so excited!!

    How old is your granddaughter? My neice just turned 10 but has been sewing on my machine (with help) since she was seven. She is just starting to do some sewing on her own now. Love the pics of your projects with your granddaughter!

  2. You need to keep that DGD around just to get the ironing done - what a treasure! Cute quilt - oh, how I long to have a grandchild to sew with and for.

  3. I'm laughing at the boy in boots and a sweater but no pants! So it is not just at my house that that would serve as an acceptable outfit?

  4. Hey Janet-- the links to those other websites dont work.
    And the kids are so cute! :-)

  5. What a cute doll quilt. I love all the scenic pics.

  6. Janet,
    How adorable just adorable. What fun you're having also with the grandkids, my dear.
    Happy Quilting!