Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weaving Workshop and other fun

It seems like much more than a week has gone by since I last posted.  It has been busy!  Last weekend my friend Dahn and I impulsively decided to drive to Skagway.  I guess this is because we missed out on going to Haines.  Actually she needed to go to the quilt store there for some specific fabric she needed and I went with her.  But it was impulsive.  We left my house at 2:30 in the afternoon for the one hour drive.  It was gray at home but fantastic scenery on the drive through the pass. 



This is the White Pass through the Coastal Range.  Check out the link if you are interested in the history.

We saw a momma moose and a calf on our way home but it was too dark to get a good photo.

Then on Monday S-I-L # 1 called to say he had a deer.  It was hit by a truck in front of DD # 1 as  she was driving, so it was really fresh road kill.  We got a nice little bit of meat out of the effort needed to cut it up, and ate the liver for three meals.  It was so delicious!!


This weekend I spent Friday night, Saturday and today at a weaving workshop.  I did weaving many years ago but had forgotten most of it.  This was done on a table top loom.  I am definitely going to play with this medium a bit more.  One side….


And the other…


I played a lot with different weaves, as you can see. Smile  It was tons of fun!

And tomorrow I have to go back to work again.  There just isn’t enough time in life…  Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Hi Janet those pics are awesome ,love the woven scarf xx

  2. look at that snow, and fresh venison,Wow!!!

  3. Glad I am not driving through that snow but it is pretty to look at. Your weaving venture is lovely, especially with the variety of weaves and colors.

  4. There's a quilt shop in Skagway? I lived in YT many years ago and at the time there was no road to Skagway so we would take the train. There wasn't much in Skagway but the trip was always fun and the scenery magnificent. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. What a fantastic scarf. You're very clever.

  6. Oh I have been to a quilt shop in Skagway. We were in Skagway on a cruise and as we drove thru town on a tour spotted a sign for the fabric shop. Since my husband has been looking everywhere for a particular fabric that our youngest daughter had requested in a quilt he was making for her we decided to go there after the tour. It was a cute little shop and had the fabric we needed.
    Yes, my husband quilts. He got tired of our daughter and I dragging him to fabric stores and then never buying the fabric he liked. I told him if he wanted a quilt out of those fabrics he would have to make it himself. So he bought himself a sewing machine and I taught him to quilt. My daughter and I like to say he was a modern quilter before there was a modern quilt movement. He never followed any pattern and just sewed blocks together any way he wanted too.

  7. Great job on the scarf! Wow, it's been a long time since I had venison. My husband quit hunting 25 years ago so the only deer we see are the herd of about 25 that we feed here at the house. Sadly, when we took our cruise and stopped at Skagway I wasn't quilting right then and missed out on seeing the quilt shop there. If we get lucky enough to make our trip north by road I plan on hitting on the fabric/quilt shops. :) Have a great week!

  8. That scenery is incredible , the first one doesn't even look real , wow ! Your woven scarf is lovely , I have a table top loom which I have never used , don't know how to weave but my son bought it for me years ago , one of these days I will learn :-)

  9. you live in such amazing scenery, and it's great to utilise the food that presents itself.
    your woven scarf is amazing, well done.