Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekend fun!

I love the weekend!  I get to do whatever I want…. well I get to do some of the things I want at least….

Last weekend was my birthday.  The family came out for the day on Sunday.  I had gifts for them all from Hawaii and I told them they had to don their new Hawaiian duds and take a picture out in the Yukon snow – at – 28 C.  :) 

Isn’t this a fine looking group…


But see the sneaky smile on DSIL # 2’s face….  Ha ha, the fun is on me….


During the week I whipped up the hexie flowers for my February swap partner and they are off in today’s mail…


And since it is already Valentine’s Day in Austratlia, I think I can show you the Valentine’s postcard that I received from my lovely swap partner Maria of Life on the Block.  Maria walks on the beach and swims in the ocean with her pals regularly.  Lucky girl!  Thanks for the pretty card Maria!


You may be saying “what is she talking about?  It isn’t the weekend yet!”  Well I took Friday off work so I could sew. :)  My sewing buddy Dahn and I were going to go to a retreat in Haines, Alaska but decided against the 392 km drive in blowing snow, icy roads and probably rain on the other end.  So we’re having a mini retreat at her house.  Lucky us!! 

I’m off to sew.  I hope you have some fun lined up for your weekend.



  1. love the family pics .... so fun...

  2. Awesome pics,happy bithday and love the post card from Maria,hope you have fun sewing xx

  3. Oh waht fun ith the Hawaiian gifts and family! They look like they're all loving it. Pretty flowers for your lucky swap partner. Have fun sewing!

  4. Happy Birthday, no doubt the family had this surprise all planned well in advance for you.

  5. Sending you belated birthday wishes. I hope you enjoy your mini retreat -- pity about missing the other one!

  6. Great gifts from Hawaii but I am not sure if the family was brave or crazy??? 28 F is only 2.2222C.. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!
    Happy belated BD. have fun at your mini retreat...
    Lovely Hexies..
    I am pleased your Valentine Postcard arrived on time and that you like it..

  7. lovely hexies and postcard.
    Great pics even the dogs bolted when sil flicked that branch. what a hoot.

  8. Belated birthday wishes. What lovely photos - how long did you all manage to stay out there? Brrrrr. Where are the close-up photos of the goose pimples? Lynne.

  9. Happy belated birthday to you! I love those family photos-such great smiles all around!! And your new header photo is wonderful.