Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday, oh Sunday

I guess I have to quit crowing about how we have no catastrophic weather in the Yukon.  We had a big wind storm this past Thursday and eight or nine trees came down in my yard.


This one took out our bird feeder.


This one flattened hubby’s storage tent.


This one landed on the greenhouse but didn’t too too much damage – just bent the eaves-trough a bit.

Another one fell in the five or so feet between the chicken coop and the sail boat, but didn’t hit either of them.  Another one landed inches from the wall tent on the back of the property.  We’ve been cleaning up for the last couple of days and things are starting to get back to normal.  And the power never went off at all!

I have done exactly NO sewing this week.  But I’m doing well with my other resolutions.  And my friends and I had a great time at a glass fusing class yesterday.  Here are the pieces lined up in the kiln to be fired.


And here are some of the finished products…


My pieces include a fridge magnet, a small hanging and a pendant…


And pieces for a wind chime…


This scenery piece turned out kind of weird.  I might add to it and re-fire it.


A good friend passed away this evening.  He has been really sick, so it is a blessing, but there is still sadness. 



  1. Love the glass pieces, trees down, we know how that is, last time we had a HUGE storm, there were 17 before we went to bed, and 34 the next morning!!! All like dominoes. Sorrow with passing, relief that pain is over, happiness for his life as you knew it. Good friends, so precious. Caring thoughts, Jean.

  2. Glass fusing is such a beautiful art. I love your pieces.

  3. glad you stayed safe with all those trees falling x hope your friends family are Ok and getting lots of support x

  4. Pleased you didn't get any serious damage with the storm and fallen trees.
    Love the glass pieces..
    Sorry to read you lost your friend, sending you lots of hugs

  5. Beautiful glass work. Very talented. Hugs

  6. glad the trees didn't cause too much damage.
    love the glass pieces. definitely a change from patchworking.

  7. The fused glass is wonderful! Glass has always been a favorite of mine. Happy to hear that your damage was minimal. And sad to hear of the passing of your friend.

  8. Like everyone else, I am sorry to hear of your friends passing, that is always hard. I am so glad that the trees knew just where to fall to cause the least amount of damage. Love the glass pieces. I can't wait to see the wind chime put together. I love fused glass and would love to take a class like that.

  9. the glass work is so pretty. I never tried that craft and just may have to give it a go one day. I'm glad the trees did not do too much damage. We get that here when a hurricane comes through and it is always a mess to get everything back to order. As for snow, well, here we have to make our own here in south Louisiana. Check out the snow day our grandson had at his school...I posted pics on my blog.
    I enjoy reading your blog!