Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, June 15, 2012

An update on swap items

Since the two swap parcels have arrived at their homes I can show you what I made.  The first one was for the scissor keeper swap from last fall.  I got behind on this swap and my partner foolishly said “whenever you have time”.  Well I finally had to just say to myself “NOW” as there was always something else urgent that needed to be done.  Here is the scissor keeper I made for Kerry-Ann who lives in Texas.  You can see my recent sewing influence at work here.  My flower was inspired by Ann Weber's Flower Patch block in the latest Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine.


The other one was the Friends with Benefits swap.  I received this lovely sewing folder from Lyn in New Zealand.  What gorgeous embroidery!


And here’s what it looks like on the inside.


Lyn also sent a copy of New Zealand’s only quilt magazine.  Pretty quilt on the cover!


I sent Lyn a blue and yellow friendship sampler made in this quilt-along from Joanne at Thread Head.  Lyn had answered my Tag questions from this post so I knew that one day she wanted to make a quilt in blue and yellow, which are the colours of her province in New Zealand.  I also knew that her first attempt at quilting was a sampler quilt that she never finished.  So voila…




The finished size of this is about 11” by 7”.  It was challenging to make the tiny blocks and be precise.  I used Joanne’s suggestion to use YLI silk thread for the quilting and I really liked how it looks. 

I forgot in the last post to show all the “extras” that Leslie sent along with my name hanging.  Look at the lovely batiks and a whole lot of fat quarters of pirate fabrics plus a little strip of fireman fabric which I’m already using!


I did my first sewing today for the last few weeks.  I made two blocks for the 6 inch swap for May-June today and got them in the mail.  I am forcing myself to do some sewing as my doctor said I need to “make” myself do things.  Smile  My swap partner wanted any star blocks in blue and white.




  1. Great to see you doing!
    Keep moving forward and
    Keep Calm and Sew On!
    Here's a hug!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. what beautiful beading on the scissor keeper!
    your friends swap gift was definitely worth the wait it is really lovely. Love the blue star blocks too.
    Hope the fabric therapy is helping.

  3. Lovely mail in and out Janet. Have fun playing with the fabrics this weekend.

  4. That yellow and blue mini looks great, you have a very lucky partner.
    And a "sampler" sewing folder - it looks great, must have taken ages (but then I'm not a regular stitcher so every stitching takes ages for me).

  5. Wonderful work Janet , the scissor keep is lovely as is the mini quilt , wasn't that a fun one to make . Lovely fabrics you received and glad to see you are Making yourself do things , sometime we have to do that :-) Hugs Sheila

  6. Everything is so nice and all completely different.

  7. Wow love the beading on the scissor keeper. So neat and even!

  8. So pleased to finally see the wonderful gifts sent and received between you and Lyn :) you've both excelled yourselves. I suspect your patience must be greater than mine to put together such perfect little blocks for the friendship quilt.

  9. good to hear you are back sewing and I love the sampler its gorgeous.

  10. the blue and yellow is beautiful and I love the bead work... I have never done anything with beads but the scissors keep is awesome.

  11. Your mini-sampler is darling! It makes me want to make a blue and yellow quilt right away.