Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mail, mail, mail!

I’ve been promising to show some mail receipts for a few weeks, and the time keeps slipping by.  So here I am with a few goodies to show you. 

I am participating in a Bee organized by Victoria on her 15 Minutes Play blog.  The blocks incorporate "made" fabric.  April was my month and my blocks have been arriving one or two a week. 

IMG_4906Cathy’s block

IMG_4966Victoria’s block

IMG_4965Lauren’s block

IMG_4939Kathy’s block

IMG_5004Em’s block

IMG_5005Chris’ block

IMG_4815My block

I asked for the block to be made in any two contrasting colours – maker’s choice.  You can see that pink/red and blue/green have been popular choices so far. 

I’m still waiting for three blocks to arrive.  In the meantime I’ve been playing with layouts.  Any suggestions for a background colour?


What else have I received?  Alberta and I did a swap for 2 inch postage stamp blocks and along with 100 blocks – which I can’t show you because I added them into the pile before I remembered to take a photo – she sent this lovely mug caddy. It is cute, such a neat idea and her sewing is absolutely impeccable!  I have it loaded up with all my marking pens and pencils.


A couple of prizes from the St Patrick’s Day Blog Hop Giveaway arrived.  I received these three videos from Christine.


And this super cute pattern from Susan.


I showed you the three purple postcards I sent earlier.  Here are the fantastic ones I received from Karen, Wendy and Linda.




From Maggie, my February Inchy flowers.


And from Medora, my March Cathy’s Campfire blocks for the 6 inch block swap.  She sent me the scraps of leftover fabric and some embellishments too.  So sweet!


Lots of fabulous goodies!



  1. I'm mailing your package today! Lots to open next week! Enjoy your week!
    Take care, Leslie

  2. Luv the bee blocks! Am partial to the pink and green. White will set them all off really well or you could always go with the ever popular gray. White would be my first choice for the background.

  3. Exciting!

    I've done it - read every post so now I'm all caught up!

  4. Your made blocks are really cool. I did a bee using that same block, but unfortunately made of them came back way too big or too small. I have set them aside to make something else with them. I like the suggestion of white or gray for a background with a fabulous colourful border.