Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, December 31, 2011

But Granma, Where’s the Quad?

I finished the quilt around midnight on Christmas Eve.  Well except for about half an hour’s worth of quilting that got done on the 27th.  But it was bound and ready to use despite the need for a slight bit of finishing.


It measures approximately 49 by 65 inches. 

The panel at top and bottom and the road backing fabric are both from South Sea Imports “Going Places” line. 

The blue sashing is “Puzzle Pieces” by Moda. 

The black “read as solid” in the backing is a “Marbles” by Moda.

Vehicle blocks came from my own stash and from donations from many sources:  Kerry, Melody, Karen, Julie, Linda, Sue (whose blog name I can’t remember – Sue if you read this please tell me your blog name so I can correct this), my friend Jo, my friend Donna’s mother (age 86 or so, she provided the hog on a hog piece) and my sister-in-law Lori.  If I have missed anyone who donated I apologize profusely.  It is not from a lack of appreciation.  I could never have gathered this wonderful variety on my own!  Thank you all.

I quilted the names of the different vehicles in the crosswise sashing, but not in the same order as the pictures.  It can be a game for DGS to match them up once he starts to read.  The vertical sashing has three big Xs in each piece.  I also quilted around each of the vehicle fabrics.  The panels are freehand quilted following the lines in the pictures.  They didn’t end up exactly the same.  On the two big blue side panels I wrote the name of the quilt and label info – for DGS from me, date and place.  The outside of those two panels has simple stipple quilting.


The binding is a “Marble Dot” by Moda in green.  I used this same fabric for the binding on DGD’s I Spy quilt that she got for Christmas last year.  I like that there is that connection between the two quilts.

DGS really loves his quilt.  He was known to say on several occasions when others picked it up “Hey, that’s MY blanket.”  He had it laid out on the living room floor running his cars up and down the roads as soon as all the scraps of wrapping paper were cleaned up. 

I found the quilting on this quilt went quite quickly.  I’m getting better at it all the time!

And yes, I called it, “But Granma, Where’s the Quad?”!



  1. Fantastic quilt... well done on getting it finished in time.... wonderful - and the quilting looks great....I am finding the same as you... getting better each time...

  2. Super cute! I love the idea. It's like a themed "I spy" quilt. Great finish!

  3. A lovely quilt and I'm glad it was appreciated.

  4. Your quilt turned out beautifully. Well done.

  5. Well, I will have to look for fabric with a quad if I can remember what it looks like. Now that I think of it, my son has printed up fabric with photos. Looks like there is space on the back for one more.