Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some wonderful things in the mail and late FNSI report

I am participating in scissor keeper swap organized by Cookies and Cream, but I am very delinquent and tardy in getting items made for my swap partner.  I was totally awestruck and humbled when I received a wonderful package from Kerry in the mail. 


A magazine, a lovely card, some embroidery thread, and look at the cutest scissor keep and pincushion…


Plus she sent a large package of vehicle fabric for my grandson’s quilt.  Some I already had, but there are some really fabulous new ones.


He is going to LOVE those cats on motorcycles! 

And then I got a totally unexpected package from Melody with a couple more fabrics, and a darling little scissor fob.


Helicopters and seaplanes!  I don’t have any of those.  With all the fabric goodness I’ve received from so many blog friends I’m going to have to add another row of vehicles to the quilt design! 

Here’s a close-up of the scissor fob.  So cute.


Thank-you both so much Kerry and Melody.

I didn’t get my FNSI post up on Saturday.  Raucous grandkids were visiting and it was just busy all day long.  I did accomplish a bit for the sew-in though.

This bag, which I made for DD # 1, whose birthday was last week.  It is the same pattern as a bag I made for the Goodie Swap, but I made a couple of changes: a long over the shoulder strap instead of a short wrist strap, and I put a little pocket inside.  Of course I made mistakes in both my design changes and had to undo my sewing twice to fix things…..


And a little ornament to include in the table runner swap which is going in the mail tomorrow.  I had enough of sewing for the evening so moved on to beads.


The temperature is down below –30.  Brr….. I must be off to bed.



  1. So glad your little parcel arrived safely.

  2. what wonderful mail! Love your pincushion and the scissor keeper is so clever. Lovely scissor fob. I am lucky to have one of Melody's fobs too.
    Your hexagon bag is just fantastic!
    I think you should make your postie a coffee and cake when he delivers next.

  3. First of all, Janet, I love your header picture. You rec'd some lovely treasures! I am particularly fond of the owl scissor keep and coordinating pin cushion. How clever is that?

  4. Gorgeous bag with hexies on it. Bbrr, it was 37 celcius here on Friday. thats 100 farenheight, want to swap :)

  5. Lots of wonderful treasures ,love the owl scissor keep , so cute and Melody's scissor fob is adorable. Wow that is cold,brrrr.

  6. Wonderful deliveries - how much fun it must be going to your mailbox! Great little purse - looks fabulous!

  7. At the rate you are going, you will have a double-sided vehicle quilt by the time it is done! I once designed a scissors holder almost exactly like that. I still have it but it was designed for the kids school use.

  8. You received such wonderful gifts. The bag you made looks fabulous!