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Yukon wild
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Friday Night Sew In

 Last night was Friday Night Sew in, sponsored by the lovely Wendy at Sugarlane Designs.  I had a plan for the evening.  I wanted to get my second row for the Grandmothers Flower Garden finished so I could spend Friday evening sewing it on to my first row.  And I made it!  Here is row number two completed.  I confess that I only got this finished on Friday afternoon.  :)

But here it is joined on to the first row and looking great!  Unfortunately the photo flipped itself and I don't know how to get it back to a horizontal view, but you still get the idea.

I had two sewing cohorts this week.  Linda is making progress on her Shashiko whale.  Mama is done and the calf is started.
And our friend Pat decided she would work on a piece of Shashiko too.  Hers is a Kukui branch.   It was really difficult to get a photo that shows how rich the green background is - this one was the best but still doesn't really convey how rich and green it is.  She is using a lime green thread on it.
I hope everyone else had a successful Friday Night Sew In.  Please go to the link to see what everyone else got up to.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Just another day in paradise...

We have been spending lots of time at the bird sanctuary down the beach and seeing lots of birds that we haven't seen in the past.  There are only a few birds in Hawaii that are endemic (birds that evolved here and are only found here) but quite a few that are indigenous (birds that are naturally occurring here but also found elsewhere).  I don't know that I have sorted out which are which, but I know that I haven't seen many of these birds before.
This is a Pacific Golden Plover.  We do see this one at home, but there it is called an American Golden Plover.
A Ruddy Turnstone.  This bird turns over small stones to find food underneath, hence its name.  It is really funny to seeing them tossing stones over.
A Red Crested Cardinal.  This one was originally from Brazil - the bird book calls it resident, naturalized, introduced.  I guess that means it is indigenous.
The black crowned night heron is resident indigenous.  These birds are hilarious to watch.  They have long legs, as you can see, but they sit in long grasses so they look short and squat.  And they watch and wait for things to go after, mostly fish I think.  Our bird book says that they sometimes will use bread to bait fish - interesting!
These ducks are either Hawaiian ducks or hybrid mallards.  They look like mallards but have a different colour speculum - the coloured patch on the wing.  It is more green than in a mallard.
Here are hubby and I ready to go out walking on the beach.  :)
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A fun day (my birthday) in Maui

Just down the beach from where we are staying there is a marshland behind the dunes.  When Maui was first being settled they put the airstrip here, but soon discovered that it was a very windy spot and not really suitable for planes landing and taking off.  Now it is a bird sanctuary, a much better use for it I think.  There has been a lot of rain this winter (or what they call winter here) and the water was high in the marsh, and was threatening the highway that runs through it.  So the other morning the environmental people were out digging a trench to drain the marsh.  Or rather this volunteer fisherman was doing most of the digging. 

Apparently his interest is in letting the small fish that have been trapped in the marsh out into the ocean, as they will attract bigger fish in to eat.  As you can see this is literally a small trench made with a hoe.  When we returned later in the day to check it out the trench looked like this.\

The water is dumping out into the ocean at a great rate!  The marsh is home to many birds and we are having a good time checking them all out.  We heard that the Hawaiian Goose, or Nene, had been sighted in the marsh.  Normally it is only found on the dormant volcano, Haleakala.  Well we were thrilled to glimpse the Nene in the marsh yesterday afternoon.

Other excitement from yesterday was going out whale watching.  The whales here are humpbacks who come here to give birth and to breed.  The rest of the year they live in Alaskan waters and I have seen them there, but never in the numbers that they are visible here.  My photos are rather pathetic, so I'll only show you one.  We saw a "competition" of whales.  This is when two or more males fight over a female.  Our boat got "mugged" by a competition.  Very thrilling to see these creatures so close up.
And the next thrilling site for yesterday was our first view of turtles through the surf.  And I got a fantastic photo!

That was enough excitement for one day!


Monday, February 6, 2017

A windy day in Maui

Yesterday and today have been quite windy, with wind advisories and lots of changes on the beach. 

New and interesting things to see come with the winds.  Although we have seen lots of crab holes and the occasional crab, today they are out in force, running into the surf and lounging at the top of their holes.  They were all facing toward the sun.  We couldn't decide if they were sunning themselves or tourist watching.  I didn't get a good photo - they are not easy to photograph because they are so quick.

For the first time we have jellyfish on the beach.  This Portugese Man of War is resting by a bottle cap to show you its size.  We don't want to step on these. 

Lots of coconuts.  If we were on a deserted island we would be breaking these open for food.  This one is resting by a crab hole.

And tons of plastic garbage.  We picked up one bag full but there is lots left for others to pick up.

Despite the wind it is really sunny and warm.  So lovely!


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Friday Night With Friends

For this Friday Night With Friends I got to actually sew with a friend.  My friend Linda worked on a Shashiko kit that she bought at the local quilt store.  I resisted buying a new kit because I am still working on one of the two that I bought last time I was here.  But I'm sure we'll get back over there again. :)

Here is the beginning of Linda's Shashiko whale

I brought my hexie quilt to work on.  And I have a lot to do.  Last night I added twelve green hexies to this row.  I see I forgot to remove the paper in the centre of the left hand flower that tells me where to add the green hexies.  Oh well...

Time to start on the next row.  Although I have made the quilt five flowers across in one row and six across in the next, I think I might add one more flower width ways.  I can decide that once I have more rows together.  I certainly have enough flowers.
I hope you had a wonderful night of sewing. 


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stories on a winter day

It's a dreary day here.  Winter has arrived.  We have snow on the ground and it is here to stay, although there isn't much of it and the temperatures outside haven't been more than -10 at night and just below zero in the day.  But the sun doesn't shine at this time of year and people (and dogs - especially my dog) just want to hunker down.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were here last month they had a specific goal, which was to meet the youth who have been involved with building mountain biking trails on a local mountain.  The youth are mostly First Nations and the trail building has been important to them as them go through their teenage years, both for something to do, work at, feel involved in and proud of and for the fact that the trails are internationally known now as world class mountain biking trails.  You can read more about the trails and the youth in the article here or you can watch a trailer for a movie made about the trail building and the youth here.

There was a rumour that the Duke and Duchess were going to ride on the trails and there were bikes ready and waiting for them, but instead they went by car up to a certain spot on the trails where there was a meet and greet with the youth and their families.  Then they drove down to the road/railway tracks by the water and the youth rode down and met them there.  This is where I saw them and got to listen to their conversation with the youth and grab that great photo of Kate.  (See it here)  While the couple were at the meet and greet a few of the grandmothers and mothers of the youth asked for, and received, hugs from their Royal Highnesses.

I've heard that the Brits were appalled.  And maybe some Canadians were too.  But after there was a letter to the editor in the local paper that painted my town in a very negative light, a friend decided to make some bumper stickers.  We are all chuckling.

You might notice that I have fixed (I hope) my problem with the photos rotating.  It was a setting in my camera that fixed it.  Sorry for blaming you Google.

I received some lovely hexies for October from Helen in Britain.  I hope I haven't offended her - or any other Brits - with my tongue-in-cheek humour about the royal couple.  There were vary gracious and lovely in my brief couple of minutes experience and I have added respect for them.

I am collecting stamps as I want to decoupage them onto something - I'm not sure what yet - so I was thrilled that Helen sent the letter with a number of stamps on it. 

I have made fourteen more of my little postage stamp blocks in the last week.  63 - 37 = 26 left to go.  And I have another thirteen ready to sew.  Progress!!

That's all for today.  See you next week! :)


Monday, October 17, 2016

A wee bit of sewing

I started to write "a wee bit of snow"...  We did have our first snowfall yesterday, about two inches worth, and I thought it would stay around for a while.  But the sun came out this morning and before I could get a nice photo of the fluffy whiteness it was starting to melt away.  There will be ice on the road tomorrow morning.

I have managed to do some sewing in the last week.  I am determined to finish the postage stamp quilt this year.  Since I decided that it needs three more rows, I have to make 63 more of those 2 1/2 inch blocks.  So I have been sorting scraps, and cutting and matching.

I do hope that someone can tell me how to turn my pictures in Blogger.  For some reason it always turns them sideways.
Anyway I have made 13 blocks - 50 more to go!

And I have my swap hexies for October done.  These are going to Jenny in Queensland, Australia.  I loved making the one with the raindrops falling on the flowers in the centre hexie.  I admit it is a bit busy though.

That's all for this week.  Not bad if I do say so myself!


Monday, October 10, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  I have been having an allergic reaction to something all day and took Benadryl and slept.  But I was at my friend Linda's yesterday for a delicious Thanksgiving feast - turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, yams, Brussels sprouts, beets, pumpkin pie and cheesecake.  And lots of friends to party with - there were thirteen of us for dinner.  And seven dogs.

Last time I posted I was at a quilt retreat.  I worked on these Union Jack blocks.  I am doing this quilt as a quilt as you go, don't ask me why, it just seemed like it would be easier.  I am going to use a dark blue sashing between the blocks but I decided they have to be at least two inches, so I am going to have to figure out a way to add batting to them.  So I have made it more challenging for myself.  Well I like a challenge.

I received these blocks in a Canadians Quilt swap.  One is missing from the photo because I have to do some repair on it.   At the retreat I cut the batting and backing for the blocks and got five of them quilted.

My other major project was my postage stamp quilt.  Here it is all put together.

And then I decided I need three more rows.  So I have to make 63 more blocks.  These blocks are 2 1/2 inches before adding the sashing.  I plan to FINISH this quilt this year.  So I have been diligently cutting pieces for my blocks.

You may have heard that we had a visit in my little town of Carcross from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Although I wouldn't call myself a "royalist" as we say in Canada to indicate people who are enamoured with the royal family, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to see them.  I didn't have a conversation with them specifically but I got a fantastic photo of Kate while she was speaking to my friend's daughter.  The little girl was overwhelmed as you can see in the photo.

That's all the excitement for this week.  I am now working two jobs for the next month.  We are having an election in the Yukon and I am a returning officer.  I figure I'll have some moments to sew here and there and we are going to have a mini retreat when it is done.  Yahoo!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good morning.  I am still here!  It is so difficult to get to blogging sometimes.  Too much of this going on these days.

That was last weekend.  This weekend I'm at a quilt retreat in beautiful Haines Junction!

 Here are my friends Linda and Marg, diligently working while I play. 

I finished up my hexie flowers for Lin for August and second round hexies for Jennifer for September

Both of these flowers are blue although the ones on the left look almost black in this photo.  Lin asked for dark blue floral petals and light blue floral centres.
Jennifer asked for second round hexies in any colour. 
I'll have more to show tomorrow. Time to get back to sewing!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Pincushion Parade

As I mentioned yesterday, Ida, at My Sister Made Me Do It is sponsoring a Pincushion Parade.  Entries can be made up until September 15th and there are prizes, :-), so be sure to join in.

I have an embarrassment of pincushions.  I wasn't going to show them all, but then I couldn't decide which ones to leave out.  So bear with me as I show them off.

First up is Goldilocks, the princess.  And as can be the case with Goldilocks, or even with princesses, this one has no actual duties.  It just looks pretty.  I received this one in a pincushion swap.

And then we have the chair.  Another one that has to spend it's life looking pretty, and showing off some fancy pins that I was gifted.  This one was a present from my friend Nancy.

Another one that I received in a swap.  This one is so intricate that it has to be on display, I mean look at that detail!  Well it does hold a token few pins.

Another one received in a swap.  Isn't this the best!!  It  lives by my sewing machine and sometimes has a heavy burden and other times only a few pins.

This little pincushion log was my mother's and was made either by her or by my sister.  I should find out which it was.  I use it for needles mostly.

I found this lovely little basket, complete with pins, at a garage sale.  My friend wanted the lot of sewing gear that it was in.  She paid $2 for all of it and let me have the pincushion.

The chicken is my main man.  He gets heavy use and is much admired when I take him to retreat.  He was a gift from my friend Dahn.

Another one from a swap - who knew that I participated in this many pincushion swaps!  This one lives on the side of my design wall and gets lots of use.

I acquired this beautiful dressmaker's form at a gift exchange at a retreat.  The exchange was one of those where you can steal gifts from others and I had to work hard to hold on to it.  Unfortunately it is not very stable.  It is top heavy and tips over easily.  So I don't use it much.  One of these days I'll find time to figure out how to add some weight to the bottom.

I do have one pincushion that I made and it was a labour of love.  It also isn't very stable as I didn't put enough lead shot in the bottom of it.  One day I'll fix it.  In the meantime my granddaughter likes to make designs on it with the coloured pin heads.

And the pièce de résistance is this fantastic creation that I received in another pincushion swap.  What a labour of love! The little bird nest and baby birds are hand made out of Fimo. and the whole thing is 3-D.  I don't remember what I made and sent, but I'm sure it wasn't this wonderful.

 So there you have my "perfectly pleasing" pincushion parade.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my fun collection.

Please check out the other collections over at My Sister Made Me Do It blog.