Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

More birds and sewing

I didn't really understand the concept of Maui being a couple of million years old, which is relatively young compared to some other land on earth, until we went to look at the lava fields.

This is not a freshly turned field waiting to be planted, it is rock hard lava stone.

Maui was created by a volcanic eruption, or two or three and originally was nothing but lava rock.  So it stands to reason that all the plants, animals, birds and fish that live here originally came from some other part of the world.  Understanding this has gone a long way toward my understanding of endemic and indigenous species of birds.  The endemic species have evolved so much more that the species is now found only here.  Indigenous species have evolved but not enough to be a totally different species than those found elsewhere.  I think I have this right.  But now on to some birds!!

A'eo, or Hawaiian Stilt

a Wandering Tattler
Huna Kai - a Sanderling
a Cattle Egret - these birds originally came from Africa.  That is some kind of big bug he's carrying!
a Ring Neck Duck
'Alae ke'oke'o or the Hawaiian Coot.
And now in sewing news.... I finished the third row of hexies that I brought with me to work on.  Here are all three rows attached together.
Next time you hear from me I'll be back in wintry Yukon....


  1. You'll need some warmer clothes back home. What a variety of birds, and love those hexies. That is hand stitching that I have never tried.

  2. I remember on a trip to Maui, adding the Nene to my life list. Our family had taken the Maui-downhill ... by bike from the top of the volcano to the shore and we found that Hawaiian Goose about half way down.

  3. Nice of your to share your interesting photos.. so many gorgeous birds.
    Your hexie are growing nicely.

  4. That lava field is amazing, you'd have to be pretty careful walking on it! The birds are just beautiful and your hexies are gorgeous! xx

  5. So nice to see you enjoyed Maui, and it would be so different from the Yukon. in more ways than the weather. I was lucky enough to visit it myself in 2015.

  6. There are some amazing birds in Maui! Nice hexies they are looking great.

  7. Thanks for taking me along with you... xox

  8. Maui looks so interesting - great pics.

  9. Looks like you are having a great time on holiday, your hexies look wonderful.