Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Just another day in paradise...

We have been spending lots of time at the bird sanctuary down the beach and seeing lots of birds that we haven't seen in the past.  There are only a few birds in Hawaii that are endemic (birds that evolved here and are only found here) but quite a few that are indigenous (birds that are naturally occurring here but also found elsewhere).  I don't know that I have sorted out which are which, but I know that I haven't seen many of these birds before.
This is a Pacific Golden Plover.  We do see this one at home, but there it is called an American Golden Plover.
A Ruddy Turnstone.  This bird turns over small stones to find food underneath, hence its name.  It is really funny to seeing them tossing stones over.
A Red Crested Cardinal.  This one was originally from Brazil - the bird book calls it resident, naturalized, introduced.  I guess that means it is indigenous.
The black crowned night heron is resident indigenous.  These birds are hilarious to watch.  They have long legs, as you can see, but they sit in long grasses so they look short and squat.  And they watch and wait for things to go after, mostly fish I think.  Our bird book says that they sometimes will use bread to bait fish - interesting!
These ducks are either Hawaiian ducks or hybrid mallards.  They look like mallards but have a different colour speculum - the coloured patch on the wing.  It is more green than in a mallard.
Here are hubby and I ready to go out walking on the beach.  :)
Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. And I can imagine your clothes if at home. 3 layers at least if outdoors!!! Happy Valentines to you both.

  2. Happy Valentines Janet. Lovely to see your bird pictures as always - we have similar birds to all those except the cardinal and it is fun to see the variations. On Sunday we saw a Purple Gallinule - through the telescope so sadly no pictures - which is a rare bird in this part of the world, my first and my husbands second. xx

  3. such a wonderful time you having spotting all the birds ... and of course the 2 at the end are the best xx lol x Have a wonderful time x

  4. Hi Janet,I love your pics and that red cardinal is beautiful ,thankyou for sharing your pics and I hope you and hubby had a lovely walk on the beach .

  5. Love seeing the birds you have had the opportunity to watch , the cardinal is gorgeous .

  6. You guys are so RED!!!! Happy Valentine's Day from (very) snowy Newfoundland. xo