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Yukon wild
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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Year of the Finished Project–March update

I think I will have to rename this to the Year of the Unfinished Project.  I have a pitiful report to make this month.  I did get most of my swap items done.

1. 6  inch quilt block swap Rolling on the floor laughing Done and blogged about on Feb 17th.

2. Bee Balm block swap Winking smile  Also done and blogged about on Feb 17th

3. Block swap adventure Nerd smile Third one done and blogged about on Feb 17th.  I was on a bit of a roll!

4. Inchy hexagon swap – Finished them on Feb 28th and mailed them on the 29th.  Oh yeah – this isn’t a leap year…. Mailed them on March 1st Embarrassed smile


5. MMM Round Robin Party smile Got that first round done and showed my sneak peek on my Feb 24th FNSI post.

6. Simply Solids block swap Send a kiss This one was completed on FNSI as well and blogged about on Feb 24th.

7. Mystery Muse – two items – don’t have to be sewn, can be any genre – by the end of February reflecting the prompt “excitement” Sick smile Neither of these are completed.  One is about 1/3 done; the other is a really great idea still residing in my head.

And I cavalierly said “As well I am going to:

Get my cardinal done

Finish the baby quilt

And dare I say that I will get at least the different pieces for Easy Street cut and pieced…

Ha!  Not done, not done, not done. Thumbs down

What have I been up to this month?  Enjoying the weather… and the sun and the snow…


Zeke and I walking on the lake…



This morning 7 a.m…

For March I’m going to buckle down.  My March list…

1. Six inch quilt block swap – 2 per month – to be mailed by the 15th – oh and I have two partners this month so I have to make four blocks.

2. Bee Balm block swap –  I’m making a Scrappy Trip Along Block for this month

3. Block swap adventure – 1 - 12.5 in block – mail by the 25th  My partner this month asked me if I’d like to swap two blocks…. and she was my partner in the 6 inch swap back in November and the blocks I made never reached her.  So I might be making four blocks for her this month.

4. Inchy hexagon swap – 2 hexies per month – my request for this month is black and white petals and a red centre.

5. MMM Round Robin – I haven’t received my block to work on yet… hope it arrives soon.

6. Simply Solids block swap – I’m making a Scrappy Trip Along Block for this swap as well.

7. Mystery Muse – two items – Bad me.  I have to get these done this weekend.

8. Get your Hex On bee Hey!  I’ve already got this one done and mailed. Open-mouthed smile

These are tiny little half inch hexies!


As well I am going to:

Get my cardinal done

Finish the baby quilt

And dare I say that I will get at least the different pieces for Easy Street cut and pieced…  This is becoming more crucial now as I am thinking I might give it as a wedding present for a wedding in July.

Oh and I mustn’t forget!!! I signed up for the Stitch Me Up blog hop March 20 – 29th.  Haven’t received my package of thread yet so I’m going to have to start stitching without it.  YIKES!!!



  1. Good heavens, Janet, for someone who "isn't finishing" things, you sure are getting a lot finished!

  2. It's great to mark off what has been done.... I love the pictures of Zeke and the morning sky... so beautiful...

  3. you seem to be doing OK ... maybe if you just put ONE item on your list each month you will feel better when you manage to do more xx

  4. You seem to have done well with your February list. Now I'm really looking forward to seeing your Cardinal finished.

  5. Such a busy litte bee as you head into Spring time. Lovely to see the pure white snow and bright blue sky.

  6. are we in the MMMR together? wonder if we're in the same group!? go cut some more pieces for easy street NOW!! ha ha
    got lots of stuff done

  7. It seems to me like you got a LOT done. I know that I didn't a finish nearly as much as you've done. Next month's list looks rather lengthy too. WTG!

  8. You have gotten lots done Janet and wow that is quite a list of things to do . Love those photos !!

  9. Love all those emoticons in your February list! You achieved much more than me. Perhaps we will both be happier with our output in March!

    And I haven't forgotten your suggestion about the altered book either! I've just been too distracted!

  10. Good luck with your list Janet. Wonderful pic's so thanks for sharing those too. :)