Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sew Sisters Giveaway Winner, Sundogs and I’m Sewing Again

Thanks for all the comments on my Blogathon Canada post and your entries for the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop giveaway. 

Sorry for not getting the winner posted before now.  I was at a course on Non-Violent Communication.  It feels a little cult-like to me (peace will be created in the world one person at a time through this method), but I feel that it might serve me in finding peace for myself – a very interesting weekend.  Check it out here if you’re interested in finding out more.

And on to sundogs…. lots of people asked me about sundogs.  Here’s what Wikipedia says:

Sundogs may appear as a colored patch of light to the left or right of the sun, 22° distant and at the same distance above the horizon as the sun, and in ice halos. They can be seen anywhere in the world during any season, but they are not always obvious or bright. Sundogs are best seen and are most conspicuous when the sun is low. (Go to the link to check out more.)

I guess it is the sun low in the sky and the moisture in the air because of cold temperatures and open water that makes them common in the Yukon.  There are some fantastic pictures on the web – but here is one more of my humble pictures.


I have finally done some sewing – the first since returning home from my trip.  My six inch hexies for October/November that are overdue to be sent to Robyn.  She wanted a mixed block in any colours with a touch of blue.  They will be in the mail tomorrow.


And the winner is…. 

I wrote out 214 slips with names on them (there were five which were “third” comments from individuals), cut them up and folded them….


DH mixed them up in the bowl, then pulled out a slip…


And the winner is…. 


Amy wrote “Hello - nice to 'meet' you! I've never been to the Yukon and would love to go one day. I grew up in Ontario :) Fabulous giveaway - thanks for the chance!!!”

Congratulations Amy.  I’ll send you an e-mail.



  1. Congrats to your winner! Your photo caught me-- we have sindogs in middle and northern Sweden, too. I have tried to take pics, but the colors never show! Cool pic!

  2. Congratulations to Amy! I've not seen sun dogs here, think we're too close to the equator and the sun is too bright to look at!

  3. Amy, congratulations. A wonderful blogathon from so many. Sundogs, maybe one day when I get to travel I might see them in person.Your blocks are lovely, super colours, and I like your own sundog too. Greetings from Jean

  4. Congratulations to Amy on the win. thanks for the giveaway Janet..

    Great photos...
    Nice blocks too.

  5. thanks for the sundog explanation and picture.... looks so pretty... congrats to Amy and lovely blocks you made.... peace to you.... when we stop learning we slow down ...

  6. Congrats to the winner and thanks for the great giveaway!

    Those log cabin are super cute.

  7. Your blocks are beautiful! Some sundog coloring in those I think! Thanks for the explanation and photos - am gonna be aware of looking for sundogs going forward.

  8. Congratulations to Amy on her win. Thanks for enlightening us about the sundog. There's always something to learn from your blog :)

  9. Congratulations to Amy , lovely blocks Janet ,interesting color combinations and I love sundogs , we do get them occasionally.

  10. Wonderful photo. Wonderful giveaway - Congrats to winner Amy.
    If she for any reasons is unable to fulfill her obligations as the Winner...I'll be happy to stand in her stead. Just a wee FYI.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ont.

  11. YAY - I can't believe it Thank you :) Just emailng you back now!!!!

  12. Thank you Janet - my parcel arrived today and I am wishing I was flying home for Christmas now!! I love the kit - many thanks again :) Merry Christmas to you!!