Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 26th–Brown

We had a great day out in the St. John’s area yesterday.  We went to a pumpkin patch/vegetable farm with a petting zoo, had a great lunch in Shamrock City Pub (kids allowed during the day), saw the “stinky ship” – a Russian cruise ship that was halted in St. John’s about a year ago due to all kinds of infractions.  And it does have a weird smell.  And went out to Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America.  (Wickipedia says “excluding Greenland (see Nordostrundingen) and the portions of Alaska west of the 180th parallel of longitude (see Semisopochnoi Island).  I love the brown colour of the rocks here.


I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t use brown very often in my sewing.  But I don’t think I ever showed this apron I made for my S-I-L last Christmas.  He works at a micro-brewery and is very knowledgeable about beer.  He doesn’t look overly happy in this photo, but I think he liked his apron.




  1. Are you sure you weren't holding a gun to your SIL? roflol Nice apron!
    Great photo of the shoreline. Is it rocky like that all over?

  2. Is micro-brewerey a new word for places that actually make beer themselves? that usually tastes a lot better than .. say Becks? That's one thing I'm missing since I moved "up north" (well rather in the middle and to the east) there are nearly no small breweries, and I have to "import" beer from the small locals one from around home on my own.
    Aww you know I envy you for living so close to the ocean ..

  3. You have such an exciting life, Janet. You're always going somewhere and doing something fun. I like the fun apron too.

  4. Love the color of that water....it is so blue! The apron is wonderful...what a great motif on the fabric...perfect!

  5. Love your photos..
    You have kept busy sewing ..
    Nice bag and aprons..
    The kids look very happy in theirs..

  6. That scene is quite dramatic... and aprons don't have to be dramatic, just useful.(if you can find the perfect fabric, so much the better).