Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 17–Not Done

I guess the moose realized they were NOT DONE with my garden because when I arrived home from work this afternoon there they were polishing off the morsels that they missed in the cold frame, and then they fed at my trough of flowers.


I took this picture from the front stoop – which you can see the edge of in the lower right of the picture – literally three or so feet away from them.  They were there for five minutes or so apparently not noticing me, then one of the calves looked at me and made a startled movement.  Then they slowly trotted to the back yard.  This photo gives an idea of how big this animal is…as she towers over my car.  She didn’t want to miss the petunias in the pot.


My colours quilt is also NOT DONE, but the top is!  I finished it while at the retreat a couple of weeks ago and I am thrilled with how it looks.




Zeke likes it too.

I am thinking of not putting any batting in it as it is quite heavy already with the muslin foundation for the blocks.  Any opinions on that?  I will still put on a backing and quilt it.



  1. First the tall moose ( are they short of feed and coming into your garden for more?) then the beautiful quilt, it is stunning, Batting, not sure as it might get too heavy and not cuddly, maybe a backing that is softer cotton, then quilt it not too closely.I can see this will be a real favourite, Cheers from Jean

  2. I love your rainbow!!

    That is ONE big animal!! Would do a LOT of damage to your car!! stay away from them xx

  3. The moose are huge, this is one animal I have not ever seen as they dont seem to have them in any of the zoos over here. Love love love the quilt.

  4. It's a gorgeous quilt, no doubt about it!

    Those moose are a lot bigger than I had imagined!

  5. Ohhhmmmm to the Temple of the Moose!
    Yes, they are soooo big, especially in the middle of the road!
    Oh well, now you won't have to empty all those flower beds, pots, etc!
    I love, love, love the rainbow quilt! To think I sent you some fabrics! I vote to put an excellent quality high loft flannel fabric on the back, with a flannel binding!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Take care, Leslie

  6. Wow!! How sad to get your flowers all eaten up, but it must be pretty darn nifty to have such cool giants let you stand so close for so long. I would be in absolute awe.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! those moose are sooooooo BIG. did they leave any of your garden????

    Love that colourful quilt. I would put a Polar Fleece backing. It is light and warm. Then you won't need wadding...

  8. What? Moose in your yard? How exciting and what beautiful photos you were able to take. I am in awe at the moose in your yard and your gorgeous rainbow quilt. I say skip the batting if it's already heavy enough (unless you're making it for the moose and they need a heavier quilt...).

  9. Gorgeous flimsy! Batting or not - depends on how much warmth you want from it, but would be fine without. Friends had a baby moose in their corral a number of years ago - and that baby was big! It's amazing how big they are when you're actually up close and personal with them. The stoop was the right place to be!

  10. The moose know where to get a good feed , too funny they are that close to your house .i think your quilt is gorgeous ,so colourful and if it is already heavy I am sure you could get by without batting but then you could choose a very thin batting for warmth .

  11. lovely quilt.
    Oh my, you do have to combat adversity to keep a garden! lol

  12. The moose are fabulous, and so is your color quilt!