Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 20th–Why?

Why, oh why, would they make this lovely panorama in the airport …


and have a Dall sheep and a coyote within feet of each other.  It would just never happen in real life.  On the left there is a raven.  They are very large birds.

And why, oh why, am I not finished my Mouthy Stitches bag yet?  It is supposed to be mailed tomorrow…. Here are the outside and the lining but as you can see it still needs to be sewn together.  Not a huge undertaking but I have to find a sewing machine.  Apparently my daughter’s fiance’s grandmother has one that I can use…. it is ancient apparently and only has a knee pedal, but it works well….




  1. It's a very beautifully painted mural -- if a little odd!

  2. The artist is so taken with his/her ability that there is no point in asking a naturalist for advice.

  3. They are hoping to fool foreigners into believeing everyone lives happyly together even arch enemies of the animal kingdom. Suggestive psychology or the like ... influencing the subconcious - or the just didn't have ore space, or they couldn't get there hands on a moose, who is probabaly more likely to get near a Dall sheep ...
    Ahh you have all night to hand stitch it together, you can't give up on the dead line just because you can't get your hands on a machine ... or you could just pre-date the card and claim that you were using a in the middle of nowhere post box that ge's only emptied every second week, therfore there's sometimes a delay in shipping ...

  4. Interesting photo of something unusual. As for the sewing machine, my daughter doesn't have a sewing machine and while visiting, we needed to mend something. Well, her neighbor has a sewing machine we borrowed and it it ancient, also with a knee control. I couldn't even figure out how to thread it. It was an interesting experience too.