Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exciting Saturday afternoon

My dog, Zeke, likes to chase things.  Particularly he likes to chase pickup trucks, motorcycle, quads, skidoos and bicycles.  Oh and squirrels, grouse, gophers, mice and any other small mammals he sees. 

Yesterday when we were out walking he decided he wanted to chase this…


I had to say no…


Around noon today I was sitting in the sunroom, having tea and toast, with my back to the sun which was being lovingly warmed.  Zeke suddenly leapt up, growled and ran out barking.  By the time I got out of my chair I saw he was chasing this…up a tree


It was a little cub, not too scary, but it took me a while to get Zeke into the house.  I had to go out and grab him, all the while looking anxiously around for mama.  Zeke sat at the bottom of the tree, alternately barking and wagging his tail.  Does he think it’s a dog?


The bear stayed in the tree for about an hour.  I watched him out my sewing room window while cutting some squares for a baby quilt.  Then he finally decided to come down.





A nibble of dandelion leaf for sustenance… and then he was off.



He was about five feet away from the house… I’m glad mama bear didn’t show up…

Now I’m back to sewing!



  1. oh my!!! I love bears...from a distance!! I would have kept a sharp eye out too for mama!! What a nice view you had of the bear. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. OH what a lovely scene to watch.... so glad you captured pictures to show us...


  3. Much too close for me!! We don't have anything as exciting, scary or really dangerous as that down under. Cheers, Jean.p.s. great photos.

  4. Soooo cute! But I'd be worried about Mama, too!

  5. Good job Zeke! I hope the bear has taken note because it is sure to get bigger in the future. Your pictures are great!

  6. Wow that is exciting! you got some lovely pics.
    Glad mother bear didn't show up to teach Zeke a lesson.

  7. How exciting. But yes where ever there is baby cub, mama usually isn't too far off. Glad you didn't have a run in with her. It is nice to be so close to nature though.

  8. Thank you for sharing! If I lived where you live I believe all of my time would be spent looking for wildlife and I would never get any quilting done. :)

  9. What great photos... Pleased mama bear was not around either...

  10. I'd have been scared stiff, but they are great photos.

  11. These are lovely photos. I think Zeke thought he'd found a play mate. They're very cute - but yes I don't think I'd like to see one that close in the wild for fear Mummy bear was close by!

  12. O wow! What a story! That's a great dog you have. And I love your photos.

  13. I totally love the bear picture at the top of your blog... really cool

  14. What a great series of pics. The bear population is up and I hope there is a good cranberry crop this year! And love the bear as your blogger pic. What a cutie. :-)

  15. I've just read your posts for the last few days and they were quite lovely. To be able to get away for 4 days on the water - I am envious.

    The baby bear photos were awesome. I am glad that mama didn't come around when you dog was out there too. We've had a full-grown bear on our back porch at nighttime. Boy when I turned on the light to look through the sliding doors I got quite a surprise!!! And my mom has also been dealing with a bear visiting her yard this year. He knows she has raspberries and used to have (she took them down) hummingbird feeders. He would empty the sugar water out of each one when he would visit.

  16. They look so cute but I understand they can be very dangerous and so, for your sake and Zeke's, I'm glad Mama Bear didn't turn up!