Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another exciting day in Disneyland

“Look out the window!  Look out the window!”  I interrupted DH’s dialogue on his work.  He is an extrovert and doesn’t know it, but I do because he has to talk for an hour or so when he gets home about what he did at work that day.  But this was too exciting – I couldn’t listen to him….

When I saw this rump walking by my kitchen window, I knew immediately what it was.  They have been hanging out nearby for a while, and one of my neighbours has seen them a few times, but this is the first time they’ve been in my yard. 

Please note that I measured my window height and it is 109 inches off the ground.  That is nine feet, one inch, and the rump was crossing at the top of my window… Imagine the height of the head…


When I rushed out and starting clicking with my camera they looked to make sure it was safe, but didn’t run off… Two babies…


And their mom…


In less exciting news here are the two baby quilt tops I made on the weekend.  I have a basket at my LQS where people drop off scraps that would otherwise be put in the garbage.  Usually they are smaller pieces that I use for postage stamp blocks, or the little blocks and triangles for my never ending tiny block quilt, or strips for my colours quilt.  But occasionally I get a big bag of fabric from someone.  Often it is older fabric, but hey, I like it all.  The latest bag had enough squares for these two quilts.


I have backing for them and hope to get them quilted up this weekend.  They will go to the local nursing station and be given to a new baby in our town.

And I have to show you  the knitted plane cover that has taken shape in Whitehorse.  There is a Douglas DC-3 that acted as a weather vane outside the airport, although it was recently moved next door to the Transportation Museum.  Well it has been yarn bombed.  So much fun!




  1. Bears and now Moose?? Elk?? we do not have them down here so I am not sure, but how exciting.And to see the 2 baby ones, and get a photo.How lucky. Love the baby quilts too. it is always so good to be able to use up other people's scraps,and a lovely idea. Cheers, Jean.

  2. how exciting! 2 baby moose..
    love your sailing pics,looks like a wonderful time was had by all.
    love the knitted plane cover and your baby quilts are great.

  3. How exciting to get to see all this wildlife close up! I have a friend who would love the yarn bombed plane!

  4. Bears and moose and fashionable airplanes, oh my!

  5. How lucky are you to have such an abundance of wild life so close....
    Love the plane...LOL

  6. What a great back yard you have. I get pretty excited when the flock of turkeys visit but, then, I'm in Minnesota..not Alaska. Wonderful pictures.

  7. Meese!!!!! How great. Only deer here,,,and coons, and beavers. Bears outside town 2 weeks ago,,,but no meese!

  8. It's like you live in your own wildlife reserve - thank you for sharing with us

  9. How exciting (I observe from a safe distance!)