Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

This week–January 30th to February 5th– I…

Stayed in Whitehorse Monday to Thursday again.  It was fun having a little pseudo holiday with my friend at the girl cave, but I am happy I’m not going back there again this week.  Although I will be staying in Whitehorse two nights because…

I started a class at my LQS.  I was on a waiting list for this class and got a call two days before saying that they had a space.  There was a ton of prep for the class but my friend Dahn gave me her box of prepared fabrics to work out of.  She is such a dear!  The class is on Carol Taylor's method of couching.  Carol was in Whitehorse last fall giving a class but I didn’t get to go because I was working on the election.  The owner of our LQS received permission from Carol to put on a class to teach her technique.  So lucky for me.  This is Carol`s technique.Skinny Quilts and Table Runners: From Today's Top Designers

In the first class I got my background fabric completed….


There are two more classes, on Monday and Wednesday evenings this week….

I stayed on track with exercising.  Walked on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, snow shoed on Saturday and Sunday, and on Wednesday…. I went swimming!  First time I`ve been to the big pool in Whitehorse in about four years.  Swam 30 lengths at 45 seconds a length equals 22 minutes of swimming…

Received my last two dragon postcards….


And completed and mailed the two that I had to send….


And I did some quilting on the fairy quilt….  Finished the stars in the inner sashing and started outlining the zigzag.  I just need to finish the zigzag lines and the stars in the outer border and I can put on the binding!


Oh yeah… I have to bury all those threads too…

Have a great week everyone!



  1. Hey those are great colour choices for the Carol Taylor class. I like it so far! :-)

    And I love the dragons. That sounds like a good swap to be in...

    Back to work tomorrow.

  2. There are some fabulous dragons.

    Your fairy quilt is looking good. It looks very soft and snuggly.

  3. Hi!
    I love your work! The greens in your class quilt are lovely! Very balanced layout. Fairy quilt will be lovely too!
    For your strings, I learned to hold the end of the top thread, and let the needle depress once, when it comes up again, tug on the top thread in your hand, it makes a loop on the fabric and you can bring up the bottom thread. Then take a few stitches in place. Later, you can cut both threads and not have to bury them in the quilt!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. Good for you with the exercising! I had a couple of sick-o days and had a cruddy exercise-avoiding week. Back on that train this week! I love all the dragons. What a fun swap.

  5. What a "fun" life you have. It seems like you're always doing something interesting (except for the exercise part...). I enjoy reading your blog :)

  6. loving the dragons xx have fun with your course x

  7. I love the dragon post cards. What got you guys started on these?


  8. The quilting looks great.

    Glad you got into the class - the runner on the front of the book looks fabulous so I'll be very interested to see what you do next.