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Yukon wild
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo a day and Snail Mail February 3rd

The word for today is Hands.  I was alone all day until I went to a class at the quilt store this evening.  Have you ever tried to take a photo of your own hands?  A few of the ladies in the class were discussing which threads we should be using for the piece we’re making, so I was able to get a shot of hands with thread.
As for snail mail, I sent two pieces off today.  A parcel for DD # 3 in Victoria.  Nothing too exciting, just a Christmas present from her cousin that arrived after she had already left to go back to school, and some mail.  The second piece is a parcel of 2 inch squares for Alberta.  She and I agreed to do a private swap of these little charms.


  1. I love hands... I think they show so much about a person, and how they have lived thier life xx

  2. I like hands too! You can tell alot about a person by their hands, calluses, blisters, scars, arthritis, skin colour, nail condition, etc!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Lovely photo - it says so much.

  4. cant wait to get them... Janet... thanks so much... still trying to decide how I want to use them... My 2 friends have pretty much decided what they are going to do so I shall have to really start thinking about it...