Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

I know it isn't mother's day everywhere in the world but it is here in North America.  So happy mother's day to anyone who has been a mother, stepmother, adoptive mother, pseudo mother, or any other kind of mother.  It is a tough but rewarding occupation in life!

I am still having a very busy time at work and don't seem to get much done all week besides working.  But the weekends are a different matter.  Yesterday was my great nephew's third birthday so I whipped him up a place mat.

It is just a panel that I added borders too.  I think it is pretty cute.  I had made my grandson a place mat using this same fabric a few years ago, so now the little guy can be just like his older cousin.

I did a minimal amount of quilting on this and you can't see it really from this side.  It shows up a bit on the back.

I also managed to get another hexie flower finished this weekend.  I have seventeen made - just ten more to go before I can start putting the whole thing together again.

Spring is progressing here.  The ice is almost gone from the lake and the water is starting to rise.

We have a few more wildflowers in bloom and the barest beginning of buds on the trees.  The shrubby cinqe foil  is the only flower I could get a photo of.  The others are tiny and delicate and the wind was blowing them all about.  

That has been my weekend.  I hope yours was lovely.



  1. Hi Janet,oh that place mat is so cute ,he will love it.
    Well done with your hexies and boy what a beautiful pic of the lake xx

  2. Great work on the placemat -I hope he loves it. Nice hexie flower. Always good to see pictures from your area and your flowers too. xx

  3. Very cute placemats...perfect for little boys xx

  4. What a gorgeous placemat for a dear three year old Janet..
    Lovely hexie flower 🌺

  5. what a sweet placemat! Love the Pirate theme and all the little octopi! Am looking forward to seeing your flower garden pieced together.