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Yukon wild
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday Night With Friends

It was a good FNWF for me last night. I put together two hexies for my swap partner for March.  Penny asked for pastel fabrics with white centres.  I am surprised at how difficult it is for me to use pastels.  I keep wanting to add some bright colour.  I think I did okay though.


I also basted batting to pieces for a Christmas project that some friends and I are making.  We had a first get together a few weeks ago when we made up templates and cut fabrics.  Tomorrow we sew them together.  Mine are ready – can you guess what the project is?


The moose were by to visit the other day and hung around the yard for an hour or more.  First they washed my car…it really needed it…



Then they cleaned up the sunflower seeds that the birds have spilled…notice the antler buds above the eyes…


And they did a bit of tree trimming…


Mom was here with these two one year old calves but she was busy cleaning up my compost heap so I didn’t get any pictures…

I hope you’ve had some excitement in your life this week! Smile



  1. Nothing quite like a moose for cleaning up...Love those greens, and your hexies, lovely, No I'm not sure what the project is? a tree skirt? an advent calendar? a table runner?

  2. Oh My Moose coming to visit well I never! we don't get anything like that here except maybe snakes when the weather heats up. Mmmm I think maybe a Christmas tree or two with all those green triangles :) Barb.

  3. Well, not as much excitement as you've had, but different excitement for us. I'd guess you're making a Christmas tree, and it looks like a big one!

  4. What an exciting life you lead! Those moose look like wondeerful visitors. I llke your hexie flowers and I'm guessing the green fabrics will be used to make a Christmas Tree!

  5. The hexies are sweet Janet . Interesting visitors to help with clean up , they look very healthy .

  6. isnt' it funny how using colours we don't usually use can affect us??? loved the moose pictures... and nice of them to do some chores for you...

  7. You were busy on Friday night. Thanks for the photos of the moose-- loved them.

  8. Moose in your garden - wow! We occasionally find deer prints in our veg patch but I think they only come around at night. Pretty hexies but I know what you mean. I pulled out some lovely bright threads for a little embroidery yesterday then decided to look at the instructions and discovered that actually, it did look very pretty in pale colours so that is what I went for in the end. xx

  9. I have the same problem with pastels (I tend to go dark) but I think you did a great job! How exciting to have the moose family drop in for a visit and a snack! You are such a generous hostess - salt, sunflower seeds and compost!

  10. Your pastel hexies look great even though they are not your favorite colours to work with...
    Hmmm I think you are working on a Christmas tree...

    l love the moose photos...Wish they would come over here and wash my car...LOL

  11. Wow moose in your garden... that is pretty exciting from my view point!!! The young ones are cute! Your hexies are great...I have trouble with pastels too, I love bright colours especially batiks. I am guessing a Christmas tree to, maybe more than one?

  12. Hello Janet,

    I am so glad that the moose hasn't grown its antlers just yet because your car cleaning assistant may have done a completely different job. They will eat anything by the looks of things, rather like goats. Your hexies are lovely, you did a great job on them. Sewing for others sometimes takes us out of our comfort zones. Have fun with your Christmas tree project with your friends.

    Happy days.

  13. As always, your moose photos are so wonderful! Love you visit with you through your photos.........and you just can't go wrong with hexies.........I agree that your project has a Christmasy tree....star look to it!

  14. Woohoo....! Can't wait for my hexies to arrive. The colours are perfect! Many thanks

  15. You did more than OK with those hexie flowers... they are beautiful. Well done for working outside your comfort zone. Those fabric pieces look like they're going to be Christmas Trees to me too... or stars.. or Heck... I haven't a clue! :o)) Love those moose photos. They seem to be very handy animals to have around the place. Looks like they work really hard at those odd jobs too. Wonder where I can get some.....:o)) Hugs...xxx