Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A busy week and some sewing :)

It was another busy week – sometimes the days seem to be so full that I don’t accomplish any of the things on my list.  Hubby is still away at work so I spent another night out there on Wednesday.  These gorgeous Fairy Lady Slippers were blooming in the yard.


And the ice was still trying to leave…  Funny because it is all gone here, but I guess this lake is at a little higher elevation…


It was my sister’s friend Linda’s birthday and the whole family came out for the party…  We had some FUN…. (which is the word this week for the 52 week photo challenge, so I will be linking up with Shaz at Alsha's Space).  And here are granddaughter, DD # 3 and a couple of the dogs having some FUN. Smile 


I did actually get some sewing done this weekend… Remember I said I had to help DD # 3 make curtains.  Well we got them done!


There are two sets like this.  She got this wonderful bird fabric at the awesome store she found in Vancouver… which by the way is called Spool of Thread and is located at 649 15th Avenue.  There is a website too at  I haven’t checked it out yet.

The curtains are backed with a pretty blue/green fabric to help keep the light out… This is how effective they will be…  Not too bad…


And granddaughter had to sew too, so she made a little bag from the children’s scrap bag of fabrics, with handles of the blue/green curtain fabric…


She is such a poser… 

That’s all for this week, but I’m pleased with my sewing accomplishment!  I hope you had a great week too.Open-mouthed smile



  1. Sounds like you did have a fabulous weekend - I always love your landscape photographs, I seem to feel the cold through them!

    Good fun!

  2. Those little flowers blooming in your yard are lovely!! Love your scenery photos too!!
    Family pets are great to have fun with aren't they!! Great sewing results too!

  3. I think that really meets the criteria of "fun". I hadn't thought of it but I guess with light all day and all night long, dark curtains would be helpful.

  4. looks as if they were having some fun .. in the COLD!! brrr x love your granddaughters bag xx well done to her x

  5. Love all the bright birds on those curtains! And so nice to see another sew-er coming up! Gotta keep those traditions going!

  6. Great fabric for the curtains.

  7. Your grand-daughter looks very pleased and rightly proud of her creation.