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Yukon wild
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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I mentioned in my For the Birds post that my local craft group got together and made some prayer flags for the To Boston with Love exhibit.  Well tomorrow morning I will be interviewed by our local CBC radio host about our involvement!!

Radio interviews are not my forte and I am not “excited” about this, but Berene (who lives in Vancouver) is going to be on the interview with me.  Isn’t technology wonderful Smile 

I am excited about the coverage of the super support that quilters all over the world have shown for Boston. 

Berene from Happy Sew Lucky was the brains behind this project and Amy of During Quiet Time was the muscle on the ground in Boston.  The flags are hung at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and will be up until July 7th.

Here are the six flags that my little craft group made and sent to Boston.  Silly me didn’t take photos of the backs, but we put our names and our location on them. 


And here is a photo that Berene sent me of them hanging in situ, second row down, two on the left side of the peak and four to the right of the peak. 

our flags in Boston

What a super project to be part of!!  I wish I was able to go and see it.  If you are in the area I hope you will go and check it out. 



  1. don't they look fantastic all together... well done to your group... wonderful...

  2. what a lovely project.
    It must really be a sight at the exhibit.
    good luck with your interview, Miss celebrity.

  3. I share your feelings about the interviews but I know you will be your usual sincere self and it will go well. I shall have to send my daughter over to have a look.

  4. Your flags are sew pretty. I have not gotten to Boston yet to see them in person, but have read all the news stories. This is a big event in the Boston news. There were very long lines last weekend to get into the MFA for this exhibit. It is very heart warming. Thanks to you and your craft group for making and sending ... :) Pat

  5. This is great, and I'm so happy to see your flags right there. People from all over contributing, and probably so many behind the scenes, doing more work too.It sounds like so many will visit, heart warming . Cheers, Jean.

  6. They look wonderful, such a great way to send good wishes to the people of Boston. We will be driving by there at the end of June, I will have to see if I can swing into the city (we tend to bypass it due to the traffic).

  7. they are really cool looking... I dont know how you have so much time to do all you do...