Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Year of the Finished Project February update

Lynne has posed these questions…

How did you go in January?

Well not so great…. I only put one thing on my January list and that was to finish the top of Easy Street.  This is how it looks today…


I haven’t finished any of the steps, although the four patch blocks are almost all sewn.  I have been doing them as leaders and enders, but otherwise I haven’t done a thing on Easy Street since I last posted about it on January 7th.

What did I do instead???  Well I worked on my swap items

Laughing out loudSix inch quilt block swap – done but for some reason I never posted a photo


Smile with tongue outBee Balm block swap – starts in February I haven’t got the fabric or instructions yet…

Open-mouthed smileBlock swap adventure – Overdue block for November done and January block done as well!

Nerd smile Inchy hexagon swap – Overdue December hexies done and January hexies done as well

Confused smile MMM Round Robin – made my centre block and sent it off only a couple of days late (February 4th)


Rolling on the floor laughingQuilt You Be Mine  Round Robin – I got both of my round robin additions finished and mailed and they have arrived IN TIME for the February 14th reveal

Embarrassed smileSimply Solids block swap – I received the instructions and the fabric but haven’t made it yet… It isn’t due until the end of February though so I’m okay.

And I started a baby quilt for the nursing station… here it is so far…


It is hard to see but it has a narrow white border.  I have to add one more border, then quilt and bind it.

And I started the cardinal…I am supposed to be attending class number 2 tonight…

What plans do you have for your UFOs/WiPs in February?
My swap items…

1. Six inch quilt block swap – 2 per month – to be mailed by the 15th

2. Bee Balm block swap – starts in February – my month is November

3. Block swap adventure – 1 - 12.5 in block – mail by the 25th

4. Inchy hexagon swap – 2 hexies per month

5. MMM Round Robin – starts in February & runs for six months

6. Simply Solids block swap – starts in February but we have our instructions already.  My month is September.

And can you believe I’ve joined a couple more…

7. Mystery Muse – two items – don’t have to be sewn, can be any genre – by the end of February reflecting the prompt “excitement”

8. Get your Hex On bee – Starts in March - a hand made hexie block of the person’s choosing.  My month is August.

As well I am going to:

Get my cardinal done

Finish the baby quilt

And dare I say that I will get at least the different pieces for Easy Street cut and pieced…

Today is my 60th birthday.  I’ve had calls from my three daughters, two grandchildren, a friend who is on holiday in Ontario and my sister in Nova Scotia.  My sister in Australia and I have e-mailed and will hopefully get to Skype tomorrow.  A ton of people have contacted me on Facebook, including my brother and sister-in-law and one son-in-law, and lots of friends.  DH bought me flowers, wine and some ski wax and is making me steak, potatoes, Swiss chard and turnips for supper. 


I told someone who asked that he wouldn’t spoil me but actually he got up early to take our granddaughter in to school and didn’t wake me up.  She was out here last night attending Qristina and Quinn Bachand's fantastic house concert with me.  And DH left me a thermos of tea on the counter too. 

So I am somewhat spoiled.  UNFORTUNATELY, he has also passed on his stomach flu and I am feeling very lousy today.  So much so that I’m not going to my 2nd cardinal class which is tonight.  I will be going to class # 3 on Monday though, whether I feel better or not!

Right now I’m going to lie down and have a nap or maybe watch a movie…



  1. Happy Birthday, Janet. You deserve to be spoiled, so just soak it all in!

    I hope you're feeling better - not nice being sick on your birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Janet, 60, a real celebration. and lovely goodies too, Stomach bug, we don't need any of that, get better real soon. Greetings from Jean

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you're feeling much better soon.

    I think the people in the swaps and the people in the round robin will be glad you didn't work on Easy Street!

  4. Happy birthday Janet, I love my sixties, having the time of my life, you will too...when you get rid of the flu that is :o)

  5. Well you may not have done what you planned in January, but you still achieved a lot.

    Happy birthday, and get well soon.

  6. You sure are keeping busy with all those groups. Happy Birthday! So sorry you are under the weather and I hope it goes away fast.

  7. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sorry about the flu, glad for your gifties and other spoiling. You and your sisters' sure know how to share the globe! Wow! Enjoy your day. Your friend on holiday in Ontario is going to be stuck for a few days...snowbound.
    Cheers from Oshawa,

  8. Happy Birthday and I hope you feel better soon.
    I read through your list of makes and groups and Bees.
    I'm speachless.
    "What a woman" were the words that came to mind.
    I must ask my pal Sarah to help me get into a group.

  9. Hey - my Block Swap Adventure got here! Thanks so much - I really love the fabrics, especially the dear in the center.

    Sure hope you had a nice birthday. :D

  10. Happy Belated Birthday from Alaska!