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Yukon wild
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quilt U Be Mine Reveal

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I hope someone gives you a chocolate heart and that you give one to someone else today!  I have to buy a card and some chocolate for DH tomorrow.  Today I was super busy at work and feel lousy.  I think the stomach flu is not entirely finished and I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

But February 14th is the reveal day for the Quilt U Be Mine round robin.  I LOVE my round robin piece.  I really liked some of the others that I worked on but this piece suits me to a T.

Here is the centre block that I sent out. A fun little dancing heart.


Bea added the first border – geese, hearts and simple strips on the sides.  I love how the swirling fabric creates so much motion.


Edy added a scrappy border all around.  And you know I love scrappy.  Look at all the hearts she added!


And then Lisa added paper piecing and the finishing border.  LOVE IT!!Here’s what the whole thing looks like.  (Hmm – there’s some blur in all these pictures?! What’s that about??)


SO SO PRETTY!  Thank you to my three awesome round robin partners!

I had big plans to finish it before today as a wall hanging or table runner, but really, when did I think I was going to do that???

I’m off to bed.  Please check out Michele's blog to have a peak at all of the beautiful Quilt U Be Mine quilts.



  1. a beautiful round robin project!
    Hope you are feeling tip top soon.
    Belated birthday wishes hope you enjoyed your special day.

  2. Janet, hope you are fit and well very soon, lovely Round Robin, great colours together. Enjoy Feb 14th. Greetings from Jean

  3. That's a gorgeous Round Robin, perfect for St Valentine's Day

  4. Your quilt turned out really great. Your group members did a terrific job. I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. Feel better soon.

  5. What a lovely Round Robin finish. Have a nice Valentine's Day!

  6. Looks like the fun panned-out into a Beautiful cretion! Valentines joy all around,
    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario.

  7. That's a beauty great job by your entire group Happy Valentine's Day

  8. It is a lovely RR project Janet , love how it turned out , very colorful and happy !Hope you feel better soon . Take care.

  9. Love it! It didn't even occur to me to do letters on any of mine. Oh well, next time!

  10. LOVE how yours turned out! So much creativity!

  11. Your group did an awesome job :) I love those pops of teal and the motion of the tiny stripes that echoes the inner borders. Get well to everyone in your household!

  12. Love your quilty and I enjoyed being a part of this group.
    Take care of yourself ... hope you feel much better today!