Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things that come in the mail, and a bit of sewing…

It has been a while since I’ve posted a mail and sewing blog.  A bit overdue I would say! 

Here are my wonderful hexie flowers for July received from lovely Shannon.


And my beautiful 6 inch Cathy’s Campfire  blocks from Margaret.  I love the fabrics she used.  She also sent the piece of interesting and colourful fabric, which she says is hand printed aboriginal fabric.  Yes Margaret lives in Australia Smile  She must know how much I love bright colours.  Margaret’s blocks are done and on the way to her but I forgot to take a photo before I sent them.


I did a little scrap fabric swap with Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  Here are the scrumptious bits and pieces she sent.  Of course I didn’t take a photo of what I sent….


And I won a giveaway of forty-two colour coded blocks from Kat at Diary of a Flutter Kat.  Look at these beauties!


I know just what I’m doing with the two piles above.  They are getting combined with some other scraps of modern fabrics and I’m going to make this for my next scrap quilt. 

“Next one?” you say.  Well I have made some progress on my colours quilt and once it is done I am going to reward myself with starting the next one. Smile 


Only four purple blocks left to go.  I plan to piece the blocks at a quilt retreat I’m attending at the end of September – so I’ll have to have those four blocks finished by then.

I finished quilting one of the baby quilts…. I know it is such a tiny little thing I should have finished them both by now…. and I still have to trim this one and bind it.  Ah sometimes quilts move slowly….


But here’s one that’s moving with great speed.  A friend from our town was diagnosed with a rare and fast growing lymph node cancer a couple of weeks ago.  He is very anxious to get out to Vancouver for treatment and found out on Friday that he is leaving next weekend.  Fellow quilters, Linda P and Linda H, and I decided we have to make him a quilt.  We chose a pattern on Friday afternoon, picked colours, cut and started the piecing Saturday and finished piecing and made the quilt sandwich today.  Tomorrow I have to quilt it, then one of the others will finish up the binding and label.  There is a collection going on for him and the presentation of the town’s gifts for him will be on Thursday evening.  Sometimes we do some really great things in our little town.  Anyway here is the quilt so far.  This man loves the northern lights and takes fantastic photographs of them.  So we’re trying to send some with him to Vancouver.


I’ll get some better photos of it tomorrow after it’s quilted. 

That’s all for now folks, nah, hah, hah, hah…..



  1. So thoughtful, and from your hearts and hands.I love the colours, and this will be such a comfort, warmth,and a reminder that so many people really care.What a great place you live in. Cheers from Jean

  2. Some lovely things going on there. I love the idea that the town is supporting the man with cancer. My favourite item, though, is the rainbow quilt-in-the-making!

  3. It is always lovely to make a nice quilt for someone who could do with a little extra love...

  4. Wow fast work - many hands makes light work, they say, and you've all proved it true. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Great mail goodies!

  5. Lots of lovely mail and I love the fact you and your friends made this gorgeous quilt in such a short time , it just shows what love can do , I applaud you and wish your friend all the best in his treatments.hugs Sheila

  6. Hi there!
    Looks like you are feeling better! So Glad!
    I like the quilt you made for your friend, here are a few prayers to go in the package...
    I love your strings quilt, will be great to see it all together!
    Keep at it!
    Take care, Leslie

  7. You have been very busy! Love the colors quilt you've been working on.

  8. That is a great quilt you have planned with your scraps ...
    It's good to hear the story about the Norhtern Lights quilt - all the care that went into it.

  9. When and where is the presentation of the quilt and card? So wonderful of you guys to make a quilt for him. Anita

  10. Looks like a lot is getting done. I love to hear about friends and neighbors coming together in support. It will be a good reminder of the care of others.

  11. I just about died when I saw the quilt pattern you want to make. Then I thought about it and realized this is something you would love to do. LOL I have more bits and pieces for you..