Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Quilt is Done!

Well almost so.  There is a foot of binding still to be stitched down and the quilt needs to be washed.  But there will be lots of time for Linda P. to get that finished tomorrow. 


The pattern for this quilt is from 24 Hour Quilts by Rita Weiss.  The finished size is somewhere around 72`` by 60 `` – I didn`t actually measure it but I think that`s what I remember from measuring what we needed for the binding. 


We chose colours for the quilt that would emulate the colours of the Northern Lights in the night sky.  Look at the marvellous scrappy binding.  It really finishes the quilt!


I quilted Marquise shapes (it took me ten minutes of searching on the internet to find out what the shape was called) in the squares to emulate the movement of Northern Lights.


And stars in the outer border because it is a night sky.


And I wrote things all around the quilt in the inner border.  I love quilted writing on quilts.  It personalizes them and you can put all kinds of fun messages on the quilt.  I like to think that the quilt owner will have some quiet sessions with the quilt where they just read and enjoy the messages.  No one has ever told me they do that with the quilts I have made them though. 


The backing is a soft grey flannel.


We used a thin batting in the quilt to make it a good weight for carrying around.  Linda and Linda made a bag for it too.  I don`t have a photo of that yet.  But I`m sure I will be showing you photos of this quilt again Smile 



  1. I love it xx the colours are just great... good job x

  2. The colours, design and quilting are all perfect, and a wonderful gift. Fond greetings, Jean.

  3. Lovely quilt Janet... I do like how you made it special with the quilting and name.... the flannel will make it lovely and soft

  4. Beautiful Janet , the colors are so vibrant and fun and your quilting is great , lots of thought went into this quilt and it will be loved .

  5. It's great, and I'm sure your friend will really appreciate it.

  6. Wonderful Quilt! I love quilts like this, it gives the Giver(s) a warm place in their heart!
    Take care, Leslie

  7. cool quilt, I've written like that on a few quilts too, but it sure is hard when you have to do it upside down! love your banner pic up top, when did you change that? hilarious! hang on BEAR

  8. Wow, many personal touches to this quilt and then it is beautiful too! I love the Northern Lights theme too. The bear reminds me of an old poster of "Smokey Bear", who is the US Forest Service "mascot".........the actual Smokey Bear was a bear cub who was rescued in a forest fire in New Mexico way back in the 1950's, I believe.....neat story if you're interested at

  9. Well done Janet--it looks great.. and such a thoughtful gift. I'm sure the recipient will be grateful when he is in Vancouver to have something that reminds him of home..

  10. That is a perfect finish. I am amazed how so much work and thought went into that quilt in such a short time. It will be a real comfort in a time of worry.

  11. Janet,
    The photos are great and the quilt is fabulous. It was so much fun to do, but you deserve the full credit for suggesting this amazing quilt for such a great guy. I am so pleased to be able to call you and W. my friends.
    Linda P

  12. You did all a great job - I think it will be a very special present being made by all of you together.