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Yukon wild
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo of the Day February 27th

Gotta get caught up on the last of my photo of the day pictures….

The phrase for February 27th was “something I ate”.


I often have a fried egg sandwich for breakfast.  Not the most healthy I guess but not that bad either.  I cook the egg in a non stick pan and don’t put any salt on it.  But I do butter my toast.  Green tea to accompany…



  1. egg without salt that is sad ... there were some wonderful news a few years ago, that you shouldn't reduce salt if you don't have to (that is if you don't have any cardiovascular problems). But as all of them contradict each other all the time, I just eat what I like and how I like and just try to eat a lot of vegetabes and fruits..
    btw that egg sandwich looks more like a steak ...

  2. NO! I HATE eggs... I will stick with bacon thanks...... YOU can have my egg x