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Yukon wild
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Report

FNSI was not as productive as I’d hoped it would be.  I wanted to get all the blocks for DD # 2’s quilt completed so I can get the layout done.  I’m going to a retreat next month and joining all these blocks is going to be top of my list to get done while there. 

I sewed ten blocks and fixed the one block I’d sewn together wrong. 


I still have fifteen blocks left to sew.  I’m hoping to have a really productive sewing week as DH will be away for part of it – so no cooking or having to be a sociable wife… I like an occasional short break from those two things…



  1. Love the green/blue blocks, Janet!

    I look forward to a bit of 'selfish' time - it makes me a better person for the rest of the time!

  2. You had fun participanting in FNSI and make some lovely blocks.
    You will finish the top aat retreat I am sure.

  3. That's pretty good progress, I'd say. It'll be fun to see how those blocks go together.

  4. Ten blocks done and you think it wasn't enough? Oh my, I think you've done a wonderful job. The blocks look great, I love the green and blue combo.

  5. I am also going to a retreat the second week of next month and I have an entire quilt (except for border... not sure what I am going to do for the border). It is one of Judy Niemeyer's patterns. Am hoping to get the entire quilt sewn... all cut and in baggies but of course, probably wont get it all done but I can dream and I am using all fabrics that I bought on sale except for 1 2-yd piece... paper piecing here I come.

  6. Hi Janet!
    Slow and steady wins the race. I use this formula when I want to accomplish something in a short period of time:
    sew, press, pin. If you end with pinning, you are always ready to sit and sew next time, no matter how short your sewing time is!
    This quilt is coming along nicely, you will have it ready by the weekend!
    Take care, Leslie