Yukon wild

Yukon wild
Wild rose

Monday, October 17, 2011


Peg so kindly pointed out to me that Friday Night Sew In is on October 21st, not October 14th.  Thanks Peg!  I guess I’ll get to have two Friday Night Sew Ins this month!

I am so happy to have the election finally (almost) over.  Maybe life can get back to normal …. But what is normal ??!!

Well the swans are heading south – that’s normal.


I joined in a postcard swap a little while back that was organized by Sheila and she was my swap partner.  Here is the postcard I sent her – don’t ask me why I thought I should send maple leaves from the Yukon, where they are non-existent, to Eastern Canada, where they abound!


And here is the lovely one she sent to me.  I love the gorgeous colours and the shading that give the illusion of shadows at sunrise or sunset.


See you on Friday for Friday Night Sew In Smile



  1. Phew... when I saw your post I thought I had missed FNSI!!! so we can stitch together this week... our Friday is the day before yours so I take advantage of a 48 hour day!!! Love the postcards.. it was fun making them..

  2. they are both really lovely postcards.

  3. These postcards are both looking wonderful. Great sewing and lovely colours.

  4. I see those maple leaves had a bit of wind under them so perhaps they blew in. We get a lot of swans wintering in Japan.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! You won my giveaway too - yay! So I'll be emailing you soon so we can arrange a mutual time to talk - exciting!!!

  6. Janet , glad to see you have joined the yahoo postcard swaps , it will be fun swapping with you again. I love my postcard :-)Happy stitching, Sheila