Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It is cold and there is a strong wind in the trees; lots of creaks and cracks make it a spooky night.  The dog has been barking.  I think there is a coyote in the yard, but maybe it is something more eerie…..

We attended the annual pumpkin carving contest the other night.  Here are all the ghouls…

JOLs in the dark October 2011 100

DH and I tied for second place.  Mine is the punk rocker, his is the wolf.

I made delicious bloody fingers….inspired by the recipe at Pots and Pins

Gruesome fingers October 2011 08

Tonight we had four trick or treaters come to our door!  We haven’t had any for the last four or five years.  They were greeted by my punk rocker…Can you see his nose ring?


I also received my mug rug from Leona's third Flickr swap today.   This one was a holiday swap and I asked for Halloween.  I received this Halloween goodie just in time!


Hope you’ve had a fun Halloween at your house.



  1. OOhhh scary stuff at your place!
    We had a FuN night here too...last night! :)

  2. what an appropriate mug rug and it got there in time. I don't think you should say any uncharitable things about your postal service for quite a while!

  3. ah! Those fingers are awesomely DISGUSTING! :D Going to go find the recipe. . .

  4. Really cool pictures! I'm coming to YOUR house for halloween next year!! ~karen

  5. Those are some very artistic pumpkins! Our Halloween was very quiet ... no trick or treat here ... but it was my birthday and I had a wonderful class with the world's greatest students and they gave me a card with the most lovely messages any teacher might wish to get.

  6. I gotta say...I like the cyclopse and the moon bat....though yours is nice too;)

  7. Those fingers look very scary - but so yummy at the same time!