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Yukon wild
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew In report for April

I wasn’t feeling “on my game”, as they say, last night, but sewing helped to take my mind off my woes.  I accomplished a bit of fun.

Firstly I made a little addition to Sue Mobilia’s pin cushion top.  I mentioned that it wasn’t feeling quite done to me.  Well now it is, not DONE course, but done for this sewer.  It’s on now to Marina in Australia for the next addition.


And then, as I promised myself, I worked on some blocks for my colours quilt.  I made four blocks, two yellow and two green…


And here’s a photo of the total progress to date.



Silly me.  I just figured out (after I saw someone else do it) that I can add the link for all the Friday Night Sew In participants.  In case you want to go and take a look. 185 people signed up this month!




  1. Very, very pretty strings quilt coming along there!

  2. Love your colors - and what a cute little pincushion top. Looks almost like suede on some of those pieces, and great embroidery! Good FNSI!

  3. love your addition to the pincushion. I'd best put my thinking cap on as to what to add to this base!

  4. The rainbow strips quilt is gorgeous ......... love the colour arrangment!

  5. That rainbow quilt is getting more amazing by the block!

  6. I love the colors. What do they mean to you?

  7. I love the goat on Sue's pincushion.
    Great strings blocks.