Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter tide


Busy times this week.  Picked up my grandkids after work on Monday and Tuesday and hung out with them for a few hours until their dad got home.


Wednesday there was a local land use planning meeting – as I’m on the committee I had to attend….



Thursday DH, DD #2 and some friends and I went to hear Gwynne Dyer speak on climate change.  He is a vibrant speaker and has a lot to say to those of us who are amongst the privileged about what we need to change.  Read his book -  Climate Wars.

Yesterday, Good Friday, I made Ukrainian eggs with some friends.  I read that Ukrainian lore says that as long as these eggs are being made by someone the world will not end.  I’m not skilled at this but they still look nice.  I wonder what inspired this one????


Today we are off to my nephew’s new home for Easter dinner with the family, nephew and girlfriend, DD # 1, partner and two kids, DD # 2, and my cousin and his girlfriend.  I’m not sure if my niece will come or not.  I made this egg as a house warming gift.


Then tomorrow another Easter dinner with friends.  Monday is a day for catching up on chores and paperwork. 

I did get the mug rug finished finally.  Fortunately Beth was also late with mine so I don’t feel so bad about being almost a week behind with mine.   A little Kaffe Fassett, a little home dyed purple, little pinwheels, a little hand quilting and voila….


And the back…


Happy Easter and/or Passover,



  1. Love the kids hanging out above the white stuff.
    Love the eggs. Where did you get dye in those colors? And the mug rug is just too pretty to use.

  2. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter! :)

  3. Absolutely love the mug rug - am a Kaffe Fassett fanatic, and purple is my favourite colour.. it's gorgeous! It seems strange to see that you have snow on the ground - my children have been playing in the paddling pool this week, it's been in the 70s here (strangely unseasonal but most welcome!). The eggs are lovely too.. Hope you had a great Easter!

  4. Hi! Please see my blog post for Apr 27!
    I've given you a special award!
    Take care, Leslie

  5. I'm glad you took a photo of What Makes Carcross Special. It's lovely. Would make a good poster? postcard? tourism ad? And it's all true...