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Yukon wild
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Stories on a winter day

It's a dreary day here.  Winter has arrived.  We have snow on the ground and it is here to stay, although there isn't much of it and the temperatures outside haven't been more than -10 at night and just below zero in the day.  But the sun doesn't shine at this time of year and people (and dogs - especially my dog) just want to hunker down.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were here last month they had a specific goal, which was to meet the youth who have been involved with building mountain biking trails on a local mountain.  The youth are mostly First Nations and the trail building has been important to them as them go through their teenage years, both for something to do, work at, feel involved in and proud of and for the fact that the trails are internationally known now as world class mountain biking trails.  You can read more about the trails and the youth in the article here or you can watch a trailer for a movie made about the trail building and the youth here.

There was a rumour that the Duke and Duchess were going to ride on the trails and there were bikes ready and waiting for them, but instead they went by car up to a certain spot on the trails where there was a meet and greet with the youth and their families.  Then they drove down to the road/railway tracks by the water and the youth rode down and met them there.  This is where I saw them and got to listen to their conversation with the youth and grab that great photo of Kate.  (See it here)  While the couple were at the meet and greet a few of the grandmothers and mothers of the youth asked for, and received, hugs from their Royal Highnesses.

I've heard that the Brits were appalled.  And maybe some Canadians were too.  But after there was a letter to the editor in the local paper that painted my town in a very negative light, a friend decided to make some bumper stickers.  We are all chuckling.

You might notice that I have fixed (I hope) my problem with the photos rotating.  It was a setting in my camera that fixed it.  Sorry for blaming you Google.

I received some lovely hexies for October from Helen in Britain.  I hope I haven't offended her - or any other Brits - with my tongue-in-cheek humour about the royal couple.  There were vary gracious and lovely in my brief couple of minutes experience and I have added respect for them.

I am collecting stamps as I want to decoupage them onto something - I'm not sure what yet - so I was thrilled that Helen sent the letter with a number of stamps on it. 

I have made fourteen more of my little postage stamp blocks in the last week.  63 - 37 = 26 left to go.  And I have another thirteen ready to sew.  Progress!!

That's all for today.  See you next week! :)



  1. Ahhh, my kindly neighbor to the North, you are already enjoying the popcorn & fireplace season. Pass the cocoa and carry on!

  2. Winter already? Oh my. It's still in the high 80s in Texas, 87 today. Thanks goodness. I don't like the cold although your country looks fantastic, just beautiful. I enjoyed reading your post today. Beautiful flowers from Helen too.

  3. Mt Fuji got it's first dusting of snow the day before yesterday ... much later than usual.
    I read about the bike trails and found it very interesting. I didn't realise they were in your neck of the woods. I do like those little scrappy blocks. (always looking for more ways to use scraps).

  4. Winter has really arrived for you Janet.. we are having nicesunny days but it is still very chilly at night... guess summer will come with a vengeance soon...
    Love your sign and I think it's great your grannies got hugs from the royals..
    Nice hexies and stamp blocks.

  5. Go Grannies I say! The Royals are treated as far too precious for my liking - they are just human beings like the rest of us. I don't have a problem with the Royal family - they do a great job for the country - but I do think they are put on far too high a pedestal. Autumn is in full swing here with some beautiful colour. At the moment we are having frosty nights but warm sunny days which is just how I like it. xx

  6. Winter hasn't quite reached us yet but it is getting closer for sure . Love your little blocks and the hexies .

  7. we have had some cold and windy days .. and some air frost .. but thankfully not too much yetxx you can keep the snow thanks xx There was not much in the press here about their visit .. so don't know who was complaining about the hugs .. I would think they enjoyed it!! lol x