Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Monday, October 17, 2016

A wee bit of sewing

I started to write "a wee bit of snow"...  We did have our first snowfall yesterday, about two inches worth, and I thought it would stay around for a while.  But the sun came out this morning and before I could get a nice photo of the fluffy whiteness it was starting to melt away.  There will be ice on the road tomorrow morning.

I have managed to do some sewing in the last week.  I am determined to finish the postage stamp quilt this year.  Since I decided that it needs three more rows, I have to make 63 more of those 2 1/2 inch blocks.  So I have been sorting scraps, and cutting and matching.

I do hope that someone can tell me how to turn my pictures in Blogger.  For some reason it always turns them sideways.
Anyway I have made 13 blocks - 50 more to go!

And I have my swap hexies for October done.  These are going to Jenny in Queensland, Australia.  I loved making the one with the raindrops falling on the flowers in the centre hexie.  I admit it is a bit busy though.

That's all for this week.  Not bad if I do say so myself!



  1. What a great variety of postage stamp blocks, I like every one. Fall, it has arrived so fast for you up North.Our springtime lingers on, bulbs flowering, grass growing, and trees in bud.

  2. blocks are great. Blogger uses the pictures AS they are on your computer, you might have a picture viewer that auto turns the pictures when you look at them.... I use livewriter to write blog posts and it's a great program!- just saying ;)

  3. I think that instead of messing with crazy changes, Mr. Google should add to blogger a way to edit photos. As it is now, that has to be done while in the photo file. I do love those little blocks ... might have to try that one on my scrap pile.