Yukon wild

Yukon wild
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Friday Night Sew In

I did manage to do a bit of sewing this weekend, so I do have something to show for my Friday Night Sew In report.  Yay!  I am finding it difficult to get any sewing done these days.  But I keep trying.

For Friday Night Sew In this month I completed my December Canadians Quilt block for Lisa.  Better late than not at all....  Edited to add - the tutorial for this block came from blossom heart quilts blog

I also spent lots of time outside this weekend.  Our temperatures are hovering around 0 C.  So warm! It looks like spring in my little town.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some sewing done!  Please go to Wendy's blog to see what others accomplished for FNSI.



  1. Hi Janet,oh i do love your block and what a pretty place you live in my friend xx

  2. Superb block, lovely fabrics together, and what a great photo.

  3. Great block with perfect seams Janet....
    Warm!!! At 0. Are you kidding me!
    Lovely photo....

  4. What a great block! Love the colours. Your photo of the bridge is gorgeous!!! Great reflection!! And 0 deg and you say warm??????

  5. Really nice choice of fabrics for that pattern. I am laughing at your "warm" weather.

  6. Wonderful block. Oh my goodness 0 degrees is warm? Yikes! Beautiful photo Janet x

  7. lovely fabrics in your block, it looks great.
    such a pretty pic of your town.. 0 degrees warm? I must admit I would prefer that to 42deg warm.

  8. What a lovely block! I don't know how you keep up with all of the swaps, but so enjoy seeing what you're doing! 0 degrees balmy?? And here I'm chilled at 10 degrees! It's all relative I guess.

  9. This block has a very calming effect...lovely.
    I was looking through for the Canadiens block but didn't see it? My son and d.i.l. are huge fans; I'd love to make one as a pillow for their sports and gaming cave. Will you share, please??
    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario

  10. Hi Janet, thank you for visiting my blog !
    Here is my tutoroal for you
    I love your blocks, I wish I have mor time for sewing...
    Your picture with snow is looking so peaceful,here it is raining all the time.
    Best wishes and happy sewing

  11. Hello Janet,

    The perfect block, just love the colours you have used. Is that a cotton plant that is blooming in your header photo?

    Happy days.

  12. That is one super block. I seriously love the colors, and the design plays those blues up so nicely. I also love the story of your birthday cake in the next post. Daughters are fantastic, aren't they?