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Yukon wild
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Holiday Time

I've been away on holiday.... Well really I've been home for a week now but you know how it takes time to adjust to being home when you've been away.

Hubby and I did a quick, one week, tour through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, visiting my sister, my aunt, cousin and her hubby, and my hubby's cousins.  Then we spent two weeks in Newfoundland with DD # 2, her hubby and our delightful grandchild.  Some highlights from the trip...

Hubby clowning with the lobsters.  We had two lobster feeds, mussels, Atlantic salmon, Jiggs dinner, goose, moose and lots of other wonderful foods to eat.

Beautiful St. Martin's on the Bay of Fundy.  This is what my sister has to look at daily....

Another view of the Bay of Fundy - this time from Great Village, Nova Scotia.

DD's home in Flat Rock, Newfoundland... As you can see we did encounter snow there.  Sheesh... who vacations in Newfoundland in November anyhow?!

I did do a bit of sewing while I was away, but you don't get to see that today.  Instead I'll show you this block that I made for Jean in the Paper Piece swap that I belong to on line.  She wanted a house block and didn't have a pattern in mind.  It was difficult to find a PP house block, but I found this one by Soma from Whims and Fancies.  I simplified the pattern quite a bit but it is still busy.  Does it look a bit like DD's house?

It is definitely time to get ready for Christmas and tomorrow is the big day for us - getting and decorating a tree and baking, baking, baking.   Yummy!

I hope your preparations are coming along well.



  1. Your house block is perfect, all it needs is a wee fall of snow. Lovely to have time away and visit them all.

  2. Oooh, Newfoundland, one of our dreams! We've been to the Maritimes twice, but not enough time to get over there. Looks like a lot of fun. And yes, your block does look like your DD's house.

  3. Awe, lovely paper-pieced house. I'll have to look for that pattern as I love both houses and Paper=piecing. Sounds like you're having a lovely time vacationing. WTG!

  4. lovely holiday pictures... happy baking

  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Looks like you took advantage of that week and filled every day.

  6. Hi Janet, I'm very interested in paper piecing too. Am working the Farmer's Wife quilt using EPP and finding it challenging. I love your house block. Thanks for the photos of your trip...very interesting. Your daughter's house looks sweet. I am from Newfoundland...the other side of the province, Corner Brook. Happy Christmas Preparations.