Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sewing up a storm!!

was at a quilt retreat over last weekend.  It started on Thursday but I wasn’t able to get there until dinnertime that day.  Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.  Lots of fun and sewing …. about thirty-five ladies in attendance.  Eight of them were from Alaska, two of us from my little town and the rest from Whitehorse.  There are two women with the same name: one of them has an artificial leg, the other has an artificial arm.  The gym floor was full of quilts, people from the town came to visit and see what we were all doing.  Saturday was International Tai Chi day and adherents were practicing at 10 a.m. all around the world.  One of the quilters managed to get about 26 of us out doing Tai Chi.…


My friend Linda completed three quilt tops…  She really was happy about this although she doesn’t appear to be…


And I had a VERY productive time…

A couple of small mats for the dog to lie on in the car and truck… they just need bindings…


Three swap pieces… March and April for Canadians Quilt and April hexie flowers.


Four X and + blocks…. just for fun….


A start – two rows in fact on my very long term postage stamp quilt project… these little blocks measure 2.5 inches finished…


And – DRUM ROLL please -  Easy Street is pieced!!!  (Easy Street was a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from a little more than a year ago.  I think she has the pattern for sale now, but I couldn’t find it on her blog.)


Oh my this quilt felt like it took forever!  And there are eight pieces that are incorrect.  I am not fixing them.  If anyone can find them… well keep it to yourself. Open-mouthed smile   I’ll be putting a couple of borders on this quilt and then I will take a bunch of photos and really show it off…

And no, I didn’t get the Grandmother’s Flower Garden pieces put together that I committed to two weeks ago.  I had to leave something to work on this week.

Last week we were talking on the phone with my daughter who lives in Newfoundland.  She was at work – she is a paramedic – but she was having a quieter day than they usually do.  Often they will do eight calls in a twelve hour shift.  This was on Good Friday and she said they had only done two calls then had their Good Friday fish and chips.  A tradition I guess.  Suddenly she said “I’ve got to go; I’ve got a call.”  DH replied “You have a cow?”  I said “I hope it isn’t a call for a cow…”  Laughing out loud



  1. How great to have a few days just purely quilting with lots of others - what a good idea making doggie mats, our Seamus would love one so perhapsI can busy for him.
    Love your x and + blocks.

  2. What a great weekend, was the weather like your stunning new header photo?? Love those small blocks, and Tai Chi, perfect way to go after sitting at a machine for some hours. Cheers, jean.

  3. you have had a very productive retreat...well done on all your projects and progress made.
    How did the cow go? :)

  4. Your retreat looks like it was fun and accomplish-filled. Easy Street is in Bonnie's newly-published book, Adventures With Leaders & Enders II. Congratulations on your progress! The Four X and + blocks are an ongoing project for another blogger -- now that I've seen yours as well as hers, I think I'm going to try them.

  5. What a great weekend! Love Easy Street, actually love them all, but can't imagine making blocks that FINISH at 2.5". Good for you!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! AND what lovely projects you worked on.

  7. Good heavens I think all you have done definitely is "sewing up a storm" I love it all and I can't see any mistakes on Easy Street........nice fussy cutting on the hexi flowers....and everything is lovely............including the aurora on your headliner.............

  8. That Easy Street is just great. It must have been a fun retreat but beware of those + and x blocks ... they can become addictive.

  9. Wow janet! That is awesome that you went to the retreat. I love all of your projects. Your Easy street is great!
    xo jan

  10. Wow!!! You have done heaps!!! Sounds like you had a great retreat! How nice to Tai chi outside with that amazing view!!!

  11. The "Easy Street" top looks fabulous!

  12. Easy Street looks fabulous. Well done!