Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another week of sewing - er, I mean skiing

Well I didn’t make my goal – my sewing goal that is, the one where I was going to put together six flowers of my grandmother’s flower garden quilt.  I did get one more flower ready to add.  This is a pretty one…


And today I managed to make two blocks for my paper piece partner that are long overdue – from before I went to Australia…


Once again I was too busy skiing to do much sewing.  Hubby and I went for a three day ski camping trip over the Easter weekend.  Here’s a photo montage…

On our drive to Atlin, the take off point, we came across a herd of caribou…  My first good picture of caribou…


Our first rest stop…


And our first camp spot…


We had to look at a lot of scenery like this…


Hubby and the dog and I…


A gourmet meal…


A cup of wine to celebrate arriving home….


The snow is quickly melting and the ice is rotting.  The skiing might be done for this year.  I am off to a quilt retreat from Thursday to Sunday so I should have some sewing to show next week.  Smile



  1. lovely blocks and a pretty new flower to add to your garden.
    looks like a great way to get away and what amazing scenery and animals as your reward.

  2. Your flower is very pretty and great PP blocks too.
    WOW this camping trip is very different from Aussie.
    Love your photos..

  3. Your flower looks great! What great views and photos of your time spent skiing and camping. That looks like a whole lot of fun to me. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  4. Nice family photos. Even the dog got to go! I don't think I could have made many hexie flowers on that trip.

  5. What a wonderful day. And such great views, thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the hexagon flower! And, what a beautiful place to spend Easter.