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Yukon wild
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

English Paper Piecing party

I haven’t done any machine sewing this week.  I’m battling a health issue (again – it has been almost a year solid – grr) and taking copious amounts of antibiotics which have many side effects including nausea, dizziness and tiredness.  I haven’t felt much like sewing, except for sitting on the couch doing hand piecing.

I have started putting the flowers together for the Grandmother’s Flower Garden, and I’m getting some concrete ideas about what size and shape I’m going to make this quilt.  Here are the beginnings…


And two other flowers with their second rounds…


Jan from Georgia sent me these two sets of second round hexies for the Inchy Hexagon Flower swap for December.  The red and white flower on the left also came from Georgia from my friend Alberta.  A completely Georgian flower! Smile

I am also starting to remake the backwards block from my flower ball.  Fortunately the maker was generous with the fabric and I will be able to remake the large flower using the fabric she chose.


I’m off now to view the other EPP projects being posted at Hydee Ann's EPP linky party.

Janet I’m trying to use all the different fonts, just for fun…. this is what MT Extra looks like. Smile Janet


  1. the flowers are so pretty Janet. Sorry you have been so sick. Hope that you start to feel better soon.

  2. A little EPP is perfect when energy levels are low - and you have something to show at the end of your time too.

  3. beautiful hexies, perfect for when you are confined to the couch.
    Hope you shake off your persistent bug.

  4. hand sewing is so much more theraputic xx hope you feel better soon

  5. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, I hope you feel better soon.

  6. That's certainly a beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt you're working on. I hope your health continues to improve.

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  8. those are some seriously beautiful flowers there, Janet......I especially like the one on the right in the second photo with the gorgeous petals. I admire your ability to continue sewing one way or another in spite of your health issues. Thinking of you.....

  9. Lovely flowers! I'm glad you are able to work on them despite not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!

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  11. goodness, I hope you feel better soon! sounds like laying on the couch with some EPP is your sanity. I'm glad you have that to occupy yourself. thanks for linking up to "in hand". it's really coming together, isn't it? hugs!

  12. Beautiful flowers! I hope the epp helps you relax and you feel better soon :-)