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Yukon wild
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

It’s December!!

This year has whizzed by and continues to do so!  I am off to Toronto very early Tuesday morning to visit a friend, but I need to put up a post before I go.  Otherwise it will be close to a month before I get a post up and that won’t do!!

I have to stay in town tomorrow night as I have to be at the airport at 4:45 a.m. to check in for my flight.  Brutal eh!  Ah well, I arrive in Toronto around 3 p.m. which will be nice.  If you have any suggestions for things I just have to do while in Toronto, please leave me a note.  My friend already has quite a bit of our visit time booked up, but we can be flexible. 

The last couple of weeks have not produced tons of sewing.  I was busy all last week creating an Advent calendar for my Newfoundland granddaughter.  I had to get it in last Monday’s mail if it had any hope of getting there for December 1st.  I haven’t heard from DD # 2  that it has arrived but Canada Post’s tracking site said it was being delivered on Friday, so I’m going to take a chance on showing it.  (DD was working all weekend so probably didn’t have time to pick up a parcel, or open it with her stepdaughter, or call me. Smile)


This is a panel.  I did outline quilting around all the shapes and left it at that as it is only going to be hung on the wall.  Santa’s bag is full of fabric discs with pictures on them that get hung on the buttons, one per day.  The pattern didn’t have any directions for a place to store the discs.  I came up with the idea for Santa’s bag and I think it is ultra cute, although I should have made it slightly smaller. 


The “ornaments”…


DH asked “where’s the chocolate?”  Oh dear, there isn’t any…. but one could hang chocolates from the buttons and take one off each day prior to hanging the ornament…

The only other sewing I did over the last couple of weeks was my flower for the flower ball.  Here you can see where the two pieces I haven’t received yet go.  My flower is the very bottom one on the right.  Each of the two big pieces on the right and left are all sewn together now, but not sewn to each other.  My next task is to fix the upside down piece.  And hopefully someday soon I’ll receive the other two pieces.


That’s it for now.  I have to get some sleep, although I’m pretty excited about taking a holiday and may not be able to fall asleep.  But I’d better as I do still have to work tomorrow. Smile



  1. fingers crossed it got there in time xx

  2. My box from my sister arrived in three days, so you should be ok. What a coincidence, Hubby is trying to talk me into going to Toronto with him on Tuesday and staying overnight. If I can get my current baby quilt, quilted I will go.

  3. Love the calendar - the cardboard box ones were so very popular when our kids were little, and now they each have a quilted one. With a grandchild on the way, next year, I'll be looking to make one for the littl-un.

  4. I am still waiting to see if the calendar I made for my own family arrived in time. I love the idea of Santa's bag. Have a great trip. I'm sure you will have plenty to do without suggestions.

  5. What a great advent calendar. Have a wonderful trip.

  6. I love your Advent calendar. I hope you have a great trip.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  7. A wonderful Advent calendar. It is sure to become a family heirloom. I sure do like your flower ball as well. Enjoy your time in Toronto.

  8. That flower ball is fabulous. I like the calendar too! Have a great time in Toronto.

  9. Love the Advent calendar. The bag was a great idea.

  10. As a Torontonian, have your friend go to any Toronto Public Library and pick up some free passes to all kinds of museums. One pass allows 2 adults and up to 5 children. Not all libraries have all the different passes but all you need to do is a bit of researching. My header photo of Casa Loma (it has its own pass) is a great one to visit and right beside it is Spadina House (a Toronto Historic Museum pass.) I hope you have a great visit.